Jeremy Kilmore - Smoker - Algebra/Trigonometry Teacher

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Jeremy Kilmore - Smoker - Algebra/Trigonometry Teacher Empty Jeremy Kilmore - Smoker - Algebra/Trigonometry Teacher

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NAME: Jeremy Kilmore


AGE: 22


SEXUALITY: Undetermined


HAIR COLOR: His overall hair is black-brown, but the ends are blood stained.

HEIGHT: 5 feet 8 inches

APPEARANCE: Perfect posture, making him seem taller than he really is, but still only 5'8''. Long sleeved white dress shirt under a black sweater vest. His skin is a blue green, but his tumor is a brown-green. His hair is almost always back in a short ponytail since his hair is long enough to touch his shoulders. When he was uninfected, his hair was shorter, but he's shy abut his appearance and the scars on his neck, so he grew it out.

OCCUPATION: He is an algebra/ trigonometry teacher. Before being infected, he worked at a college, teaching architecture.

PERSONALITY: Jeremy is naturally shy, but he's slowly chipping away at his shell. He can have small bursts of anger, but they just seem like little temper-tantrums. Afterward, he ends up crying somewhere, like a broom closet or a small space. There was a single time when he actually exploded. Brandon, his hunter friend, tried to pull something on him and when Jeremy resisted without Brandon stopping, Jeremy attacked, almost killing him. He 'Strives to Achieve', but that's hard for him because he only teaches math and his interests are mostly architecture, hence the job as a teacher, teaching architecture. He was spoiled as a kid and sometimes still acts like he is a prince if he knows someone well enough.

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: He has a system he establishes with his students. He'll respect them if they respect him back. If they don't respect him, he simply deals with it, but everyone loves Jeremy. Everyone.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: Jeremy tries his hardest to keep to himself, but if engaged in conversation, he'll have a great conversation, somehow bringing architecture or math into it.

HISTORY/BIO: Jeremy was 18 when he turned smoker. He was walking the streets by himself and was randomly attacked by a crazed smoker who gave him the permanent scars on his neck. That smoker attack made him cowardly and paranoid, like he is now. When he was a child, he was spoiled and was an only child until his sister, Vienne, was born five years after him. He and his sister had a private tutor, so they were never exposed to anyone else besides their tutor and family. Vienne took care of Jeremy when their dad turned alcoholic. He used to have a rabbit named Crackers, but then he ran away when Jeremy left his house, and never came back. Jeremy and Vienne, after he changed her, stuck together like glue, smoking all the time, until Vienne tried to kill him by getting him squashed by a tank on a rampage. Then he met Brandon (a hunter who I haven't made a sheet for yet or been approved but is important in this history) who took Jeremy along with him. Then Brandon decided that he wanted to leave for good. (he had threatened many times and had actually left to come back to a crying Jeremy) Originally, they had stayed in a 'not-so-safe' safe house, but then Jeremy migrated to the City where he got his job at L4MS.

FAMILY: His Mom (Tasha Kilmore) and Dad (Joal Kilmore) were killed after the infection started and their daughter (Vienne Kilmore) was turned smoker. When Jeremy was on his own before he was infected, his parents had another child. Jeremy almost killed her when he returned to his family to infect Vienne, but decided not to hurt his family anymore than he needed to.

LIKES: Generally anything. Specifically soft things, small spaces, classical music, solitude and his glasses. He has somewhat of a sweet-tooth, but he tries to refrain himself from eating too much sugar; he already has bad lungs, no need for rotten teeth. He also likes his friend Katie, but she died a while back.

DISLIKES: He doesn't like crowds or open spaces like the auditorium, or big empty fields. Those just scare him. He doesn't like salty things, but will make a single exception to pretzels. Chocolate is also a no-no with this smoker. He will 'rage' at even the mention of chocolate for reason that are locked away so deep in his mind even I don't know them.

EXTRA: He wears glasses. He's a wiz at math, naturally. He always has a calculator on him somewhere, one time in his underwear (don't ask). He doesn't have many friends, except Katie and Brandon. Once, he ventured into J.J. Scoops and left immediately after the glare from Scuttle Miles. He is now officially terrified of Scuttle and his family.

-Anything else you'd like to know, you can contact me through me email, or on deviantart, thank you.

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Jeremy Kilmore - Smoker - Algebra/Trigonometry Teacher Empty Re: Jeremy Kilmore - Smoker - Algebra/Trigonometry Teacher

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