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Post  0Zenik0 on Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:34 am

NAME: Axis


AGE: 23


SEXUALITY: He’s bisexual but its hard to tell because well he’s not amazingly fabulous or anything but at the same time he isn’t always the manliest man in the room (even if he’s tall as the empire state building…)



APPEARANCE: His tall and skinny like the average smoker. When he teaches, he doesn't dress formally, he just goes in his normal cloths: an unbuttoned green shirt that is over a long sleeved orange shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and grey sneakers. His skin is a pale green color, and the tumors on his face cover up his right eye. He keeps his hair messy (he's lazy) and his eye has a milky yellow tint.

HEIGHT: 7’3”

OCCUPATION: Math Teacher

He goes with the flow for the most part. It’s hard to make him upset but its also hard to make him happy. He doesn’t speak very much, which sounds rather strange for a teacher. He is really smart but you wouldn’t really know it because he doesn’t talk for crap so he just seems like some idiot teacher who never speaks. Hes antisocial and he doesn’t really make friends by himself. The only person he talks/touches is his adopted little hunter son Kip.
He’s also pretty nice. He’s not like a silent asshole who ignores everyone. If you talk to him and you’re not acting like a complete tub of turd, he’ll be all nice to you too (and possibly be your friend if you talk to him enough). Despite him being pretty nice, something he’s notorious for is silently judging people. You could be a newborn or a 60 year old lady, you would be silently getting judged by Axis. You’d especially be getting judged if you were with Kip (especially if you were an adult). If you’re an adult, Axis will usually do everything in his power to keep Kip away from you.

He doesn’t even talk when he’s teaching. He’s one of those teachers that will write how to do it on the board and have students take notes and then after if you have a question, you’d have to go to and ask yourself. He gives easy work, easy tests, and he grades pretty easy as well. When hes done ‘teaching’ he usually goes back behind his desk and reads a book while the kids do their homework (but really they just go buck wild instead).

He doesn’t talk to other staff very much (again, he barely talks) so he’s not really friends with any of them. He would be friends with them if they talked to them though but he wouldn’t talk to them first.

Before he was infected, he had just gotten married to a short woman named Dani. Though, one day after he was done teaching at the local middle school, some dude came out of no where and bit him. The zombie apocalypse eventually unfolded as he became sicker and sicker. Dani had locked them in their house to keep the zombies outside and to keep them safe. She tried her best to keep Axis alive, but in the end she failed, and he died. When he woke up he was in a flesh craving rage and ended up eating his wife.
Besides his first name, he doesn’t remember anything else in his life before his infection besides his wife and the horrible thing he had done to her.
One winter day while he was mulling around in his self pity, he ended up finding Kip in a trashcan (the kid was huddled in there trying to keep warm) behind an elementary school. He took Kip home with him, got him cleaned up and fed him. Since then, they haven’t been apart.

His only family is his (adopted) son Kip who’s also like his best friend (I know a grown man being BFFs with a little kid is pretty weak).

OH MY GOD don’t bring ice cream ANYWHERE near this guy. For an adult, he loves ice cream WAY to much. If you have ice cream he will actually maul you for it. He loves ice cream almost as much as he loves Kip. If you mess with those two things prepare to get choked out by a smoker tongue.
He also likes oranges a lot and usually will snack on them during class. He likes math and children (obviously). He also likes spicy things. He loves books (especially about math) and other teacher things like coffee and textbooks. He also has this obsession with listening to Rap/Hip-hop/R&B

He HATES anyone who tries to hurt Kip. If you flick Kip on the forehead death has been bestowed upon you in Axis’ mind. He hates chipmunks with a burning passion as well.
He dislikes any green food (even green ice cream) and can’t stand cheesecake. He doesn’t like kids in his class who don’t turn in work and/or are mean to other children. He’s pretty much neutral about anything else.

- He likes to keep his tongue in his mouth for the most part unless he’s feeling lazy and something is out of his reach.
- He smokes sometimes.
- Wears glasses when he reads


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