Retter Der Seele / Smoker- German Teacher

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Retter Der Seele / Smoker- German Teacher Empty Retter Der Seele / Smoker- German Teacher

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NAME: Retter Der Seele


AGE: 22



EYE COLOR: Goldish-silver

HAIR COLOR: Black/brown

HEIGHT: on average, 7' 2"

APPEARANCE: A bit Haphazard, lanky arms and legs, with the majority of his boils on the left side of his body and face. he wears a variety of striped shirts with a black long sleeve underneath, as well as a tattered green vest he's had since his "family" came together.

OCCUPATION: German Teacher at L4MS

PERSONALITY: Retter is a calm smoker, though he is subject to fits of anger. as long as he's able to take a smoke break every once in a while,hell remain calm throughout the whole day.

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: Retter is a calm, level-headed teacher, since German, his native language, is a relativity Difficult language. Granted, when someone does get on his nerves, be them student or not, it wont end pretty.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: Again, Retter gets along well with others, as long as hes able to get a smoke in once or twice a day.

HISTORY/BIO: Retter was a College Student before the infection hit, going into education of pre-teens and teens. because he is a first Generation Smoker, he is still wary of living with immune and survivors around his "family". Since his education was in german and astronomy, he decided to come to L4MS,to give the Infected children a chance to learn something.

Retter has a Family that happens to be a miss-matched group of infected that was rescued from Survivors who wanted them dead for no reason other then them being Hunters/Smokers. Alec was the first rescued by Retter when his parents saw him turned and tried to kill him before he thought to kill them. needless to say, Alec was left Homeless and Retter took him under his wing to train him in being a kind smoker. Fel-ix was next, and they found him running from a group of survivors who were trying to kill him for taking the med kit to try and fix his broken arm. Alec saved him, and fixed his arm for Fel-ix. since then, Fel-ix and Alec have been as close as brothers since that day. Anima, the second oldest, was found on the street corner huddled in a baggy hoodie that still dosnt fit her correctly after 3 years. Anima looks up to Retter as her savior and father. since they found Anima, Retter and the others have been a family and will do anything to help each other and keep them safe

FAMILY: Anima Del Cacciatore/ Adoptive Daughter-Hunter
Fel-ix Del Cacciatore/ Adoptive Son- Hunter
Alec Der Seele / Adoptive Son- Smoker

LIKES: Si-Fi Fantasy novels,teaching, kids, playing with his adoptive kids, and learning himself

DISLIKES: Roudy kids, smoke-free areas, Immunes

EXTRA: -Retter Der Selle means "Savior of the Soul" in german
-Retter taught Anima how to sculpt things in clay with her claws to give as gifts
- he almost always smells like a mix of cigarettes and straberries.


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Retter Der Seele / Smoker- German Teacher Empty Re: Retter Der Seele / Smoker- German Teacher

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