Earl Jamie Able Sterling Madison the 6th-hunter/smoker-Literature teacher

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Earl Jamie Able Sterling Madison the 6th-hunter/smoker-Literature teacher Empty Earl Jamie Able Sterling Madison the 6th-hunter/smoker-Literature teacher

Post  leilablackwolf6 on Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:04 am

NAME: Jamie (his full name is Earl Jamie Able Sterling Madison the 6th)


AGE: 22

INFECTED: hybrid (hunter/smoker.)

SEXUALITY: Homosexual

EYE COLOR: afternoon sky blue

HAIR COLOR: a midnight blue

HEIGHT: 6 "12"

APPEARANCE: Dress's like his from the 20th century

OCCUPATION: Literature teacher

PERSONALITY: Is really nice and kind gentle man. (he really is and he can tolerate with anyone but if only you don't bad mouth his kids or wife and if you don't hit anyone in front of him. Cause he is really strong don't judge by this book cover) When happy he sticks his tongue. His the kind of man who will not hate anyone for what they believe in or what gender they like the most so he welcome's all with open arm's. He is also a dotting father so he don't punish his children at all.

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: Well his so nice that the other Student's can just push him over so it will be hard for him to control them, and when it come's to disciplining the children all he will do is tell them what they have done wrong then send them to the Principal office.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: Well since he nice and gentle man he will treat his co-worker's like they are impotent so people who don't like people who are nice to anyone then you better hope you never meet him

HISTORY/BIO: He lives with his two children at a old family plantation. he had just graduated from college and got his bachelor's degree and comes from a aristocrat family, he had 4 sibling's, a loving mother and father but they are all dead. He lost his first wife Eleanor while she was giving birth to Helen so he had a sad life before he moved (he all so moved for another reason).

FAMILY: his lovely daughters he has two one adopted she the oldest her name is Yanaha, and his own is the youngest and her name is Helen.

LIKES: Lady Gaga, kitty's, cos-player's, writing romance & erotic novels, and just about anyone who is nice to him.

DISLIKES: People who hurt others for no reason, people who racist, sexist, homophobic, and people who bad mouth his family.

EXTRA: Meaning of name: He who supplants.

FUN FACT: He let's his children do and or have anything they ask for, he all so lets them say anything they want and his not afraid of telling them the answer to question they asks.

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Earl Jamie Able Sterling Madison the 6th-hunter/smoker-Literature teacher Empty Re: Earl Jamie Able Sterling Madison the 6th-hunter/smoker-Literature teacher

Post  TenderFoot on Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:50 pm

Can you please just put this whole ref through microsoft word to check some of the obvious spelling and grammar mistakes? Also the first word in a sentence is usually capitalized....

Please make the occupation more clear. Also do not forget to do the title of the topic correctly. It must be "Your Character's Full Name-Infected-Occupation" like all the other people who were already submitted.

Please also add more details to the Family section, like maybe names for these people? Also add some more likes and dislikes. It's all muddled and difficult to understand.

Also if you read THIS, you would see that,
-Make sure you include how your character teaches their classes and how they treat children/students.

You also forgot to include the information in his history about being a hybrid. Please refer to THIS SECTION OF THE RULES and fix it.

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