Ryder Ard -Smoker/Jockey - Gym/Health Teacher

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Ryder Ard -Smoker/Jockey - Gym/Health Teacher Empty Ryder Ard -Smoker/Jockey - Gym/Health Teacher

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NAME: Ryder Ard


AGE: 25

INFECTED: Hybrid: Smoker/Jockey


EYE COLOR: Light Blue

HAIR COLOR: Reddish Blond

HEIGHT: 5’10

APPEARANCE: He wears a pair of black goggles on top of his head, and his hair is a redish-blondish (more on the red side) that is spiky and sticks out everywhere. He always bites his tongue on his teeth so he may have blood dripping down his chin at random occasions, or he’ll just let out random yells of pain. He has no lips, so it’s hard to tell his emotions by his face sometimes. His arms are muscular, and his hands are like a jockey’s, but has a smoker’s face, and general body. Wears a red and white polo shirt that stays unbuttoned with a white tank top underneath it, along with a pair of dark blue navy gym shorts.

OCCUPATION: Gym/Health Teacher

PERSONALITY: Ryder is a cocky, womanizing, man-izing, inanimate object -izing, perverted half smoker, half Jockey. He gets a lot of crap from some of the purebreds though, so he tends to get into a lot of fights with people. He isn’t the smartest, but is good at sports and is at the general level of hunting/stalking people, and has a hard time riding people because of his hight. He isn’t a fan of kids or animals for any matter. He makes inappropriate jokes a lot, and somehow finds a way to relate everything back to sex, even if it’s in front of yellow kids. When he gets annoyed he’ll mess around with people, maybe smack them upside the head, but never actually physically maim them, no matter how much he wants to. Generally is rude to people, even if he doesn’t mean to be, and uses a lot of cheesy and bad pick up lines. Never dates a girl, prefer not to sleep with the same girl twice, and enjoys sex. Usually doesn’t drink.

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: He comes off as hard and un caring but he has a strict policy of not to lie to his students, no matter what.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: Hates them, prefers not to be around them, specially since they despise him for his man whoreness.

HISTORY/BIO: His father and mother where divorced at a young age and it affected him through out his life. His mother who was broken hearted over the divorce began to become sickly, and through out the years her health declined. Since his father had walked out on him after the divorce and was living with his various girlfriends it was up to Ryder to work to pay his mothers medical bills. He had just entered college when the infection his, and his mother remained immune due to the amount of medicine she was taking, but he became a hybrid due to being attacked by both a smoker and a jockey at the same time.(not to mention that he used to smoke and his father owned a racetrack) His father became a smoker. When the infection cleared up, he returned to school, and got a degree in something simple, like health and fitness so he could start work right away. He still has the same jaded outlook on life since he was young.

FAMILY: Father: Lucky Ard. Mother: Adrianna Ard

LIKES: Woman, Sex, Food, Sleep.

DISLIKES: People, Socializing, Love Stories, T.V.

EXTRA: Is quite aware that the infection took more of a toll physically on him than most, but still has an extreme amount of self confidence.


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Ryder Ard -Smoker/Jockey - Gym/Health Teacher Empty Re: Ryder Ard -Smoker/Jockey - Gym/Health Teacher

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