Logan Andersson - Smoker/Witch - Gym teacher

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Logan Andersson - Smoker/Witch - Gym teacher Empty Logan Andersson - Smoker/Witch - Gym teacher

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NAME: Logan Andersson


AGE: 29

INFECTED: Smoker / Witch hybrid


EYE COLOR: clouded yellow



APPEARANCE: A tall man who is visibly fit, he is rather slender but muscled (and not overly so...i supposed toned would be the word?). His skin is a sickly white-grey and his hair is short and scruffy. His tongue is a blackish color and his teeth seem to be faintly pointed. His fingers go from pale grey skin to hardened red with blackened tips, the claws long but not nearly as much as a full Witch's claws. They are lethal none the less so avoid a smack from them. He has broad shoulders and long legs. Logan is usually wearing a fitted army green t-shirt, black cargo army pants, and a black belt with multiple small pouches to carry a variety of small items. He wears army boots and sometimes a wristwatch. He is clean-shaven and keeps himself quite clean.


PERSONALITY: Gruff, snarly in the morning, and absolutely terrifying when startled. Logan was lucky to gain a laid-back Smoker personality with few traits of a Witch's. He can still be startled (which results in an ear-splitting shriek as he grabs you with his tongue and rips you to shreds....but anyway...). He doesn't take BS and is rather strict. He has an analyzing mind and will break things down with careful (yet amazingly fast) thought. Not usually one to jump in without thinking, as that only happens when startled XD. He's a bit of a perfection freak and needs everything to go exactly as planned. He will be brutally (and casually) blunt at pointing out any character flaws you have if you're getting on his nerves. Personality wise he has many strange quirks, such as his "cry phase"; something he gets from his Witch side. it's basically where he'll have a week every month where he's mopey and depressed and easier to startle then normal. He's more dangerous during this phase. He has very little humor (and what he does have, no one understands).

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: He can usually be a terrifying teacher, simply because he runs a tight schedule and tends to freak if things aren't going exactly as he timed them to he becomes a furious whirlwind as he spazzes and gets things back to scheduled timing. Only one time have students dared scare him.
It was learned that you never do that.
He will do his best to refrain from using his claws (unless you really make him mad....), so he usually will just slap you in the face with his tongue. Effective at times.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: He doesn't exactly socialize, but will talk if you force him to. He usually stares at other adults in a very cynical, almost sneering, manner and tends to scare them away. Either that or his "I'm going to puke a lung up on you" cough is just gross in general and they avoid that.

HISTORY/BIO: He was in the army before the infection and so was in top physical condition. He'd been one of those oddities that ended up getting two strains, thus becoming the Smoker/Witch hybrid he is. He believed in kids not letting their talents go to waste and he worked to become a gym teacher, wishing only to help kids find where their physical strengths lay.
He kinda lost it a bit when he was changing as the infection took over, so he seems rather messed up at times.
He's faced a large amount of loss in his past and is very bitter when it comes to discussing his past. He's very reclusive about his history and there is very little fact that anyone knows. Therefore, most of what is known is more or less rumors.

FAMILY: None living.

LIKES: teaching, training, handling weapons, driving his motorcycle, using his tongue to slap you across the face (like a boss...jk), glaring at people, snarling, tofu, guns, rain, hurricanes, inflicting fear into tormentors, music (though nothing you can't even make out the words their supposedly singing).

DISLIKES: Being startled, having his carefully worked out schedules altered/run behind on, people seeing him cry (when he's in a cry phase...), being responsible for injuring innocent children, seeing children harmed, survivors who kill them for fun, anyone who harms for fun, cats, insects, obvious idiots.

EXTRA: He was in the army, so he has quite the amount of intense training and learning backing his teaching methods. He's excellent at using guns and knives and has more than once picked off a few survivors with a sniper rifle he kept from his pre-infection days (he named it Betsy). he has worked out a way to use the tip of a claw to pull the trigger, as his full finger no longer fits on the trigger.
Logan knows he's weak with regards to physical fighting due to being a mix of two infected species, but he trains daily to keep as much strength as he can in his muscles. He'll never again be as strong as he was when he was human, but he can still land a good blow.
He has a pet dog that's an infected wolfhound he named Wolfram. The dog is a very gentle giant and is incredibly loyal to his master. He's just as scary as Logan when engaged in combat xD They make a great duo.

ehn....that's all. I think.

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Logan Andersson - Smoker/Witch - Gym teacher Empty Re: Logan Andersson - Smoker/Witch - Gym teacher

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