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NAME: Knaw Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Miles


AGE: 12, May 13th


EYE COLOR: A dark scarlet that looks black unless it's in the light.

HAIR COLOR: Dusty black/charcoal.

HEIGHT: 4'9"

APPEARANCE: Knaw loves to chew things and when his adult teeth came in, he chewed a little too hard on Malik's arm(another story for another time) and chipped his left canine, that's why you usually only see his right one. Knaw inherited his adorableness from his assassin ancestor Ezio, which is why he has the cheek patches. (A trait sometimes passed down the the Family of Hood's descendants) Knaw's bangs hang in front of his eyes so even if he doesn't have his hood up, his eyes are fully protected from the sun. (Not that he EVER puts his hood down, he listens to his older brother) His skin is a pale dead sort of blue and he wears a dusty blue hoodie with duct tape wrapped around the biceps, wrists, ankles, and thighs, just like Scuttle. He also wears brown jeans and black converse.

PERSONALITY: Knaw is probably the nicest Hunter you would EVER meet. He's insanely nice and always up for introducing himself to new people. The complete opposite of his older brother, Scuttle. He's extremely naive and innocent to the point that it is sad. He loves to always have a companion with him, and hates it whenever he is alone. He's really hands-on and likes to wrestle, lick, and sniff others to try and make friends. Skeet is his best friend since...ever, he loves him! Usually they are never seen apart, and it is very common for Skeet to appear randomly at his house for breakfast or dinner. Knaw is one of the few people who are close enough to Skeet to be able to tell what the Smoker is saying by just looking at his expression. Knaw loves his older brother Scuttle and looks up too him since Desmond isn't an Infected and goes to Scuttle for all of his Hunter business. Scuttle teaches him how to hunt, pounce, follow scents, and be a part of a Hunter pack. He usually ignores Scuttle's threats and curses, cause he knows Scuttle would never really hurt him.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: He is always trying to be friends with everyone! Even if a person is mean, he will try to be nice to them and get on their good side. He's very sweet and would never try to hurt anyone's feelings.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Knaw tries to be a good student but gets lazy with school and homework. He will usually try to get Skeet to do work for him. He just can't pay attention to the assignments, he always wants to be talking to his classmates or the teacher. And even if he doesn't know the answer to a question he will still raise his hand.

HISTORY/BIO: Knaw is the second son of Animus 1.0 and Desmond Miles. Because his parents made all the mistakes in raising a Hunter with Scuttle, Desmond and Animus were able to learn from their mistakes and raise Knaw the RIGHT way. Ever since he was little they had covered his eyes to make sure they weren't damaged by the sun. So he will still have them when he is older.

Growing up, Knaw was always the smallest Hunter in his class. His first friend was a Smoker named Skeet. Even though Skeet didn't talk much, they instantly hit it off and were inseparable since then. Ever since they were little they loved theater, Knaw took up dancing and Skeet singing. They would perform skits together since both have notable talent in both categories.

Scuttle is Knaw's older brother and the little guy looks up to him so much despite Scuttle's usual horrible behavior. Even though Scuttle acts annoyed and irritated at Knaw most of the time, he cares for him deeply. Usually when they both have free time, Scuttle takes him out and tries to teach him the ways to being a proper Hunter through hunting, (trying to get Knaw to stop bathing like himself), tracking, pouncing, etc.

FAMILY: His immediate family that lives with him are his older brother Scuttle, his dad, Desmond Miles and his mom, Animus 1.0. His Grandpa, Altair and his Altair's adviser, Malik also live in their house too, but they mostly keep to themselves. Riva is Altair's pet eagle and she is usually always seen on Altair's shoulder. She has made a nest on the roof of the house, and is the only living thing that Altair actually seems to care about. The house is big and full of spare bedrooms in case other members of the Hood Family decide to drop by and visit. There is his Uncle Ezio and Ezio's adviser Leonardo Da Vinci. Ezio and Leonardo are actually married and Ezio is the founder of a fashion company and usually comes out with his own line of clothing. His other uncles are Uncle BLU Spy and Uncle RED Spy. They are twin brothers but they are very different. BLU Spy is married to the Administration (aka Helen or The Announcer) and they have a very dysfunctional child named Alex Mercer (cousin to Knaw). BLU Spy is verbally abused by his wife and is a raging alcoholic and chain smoker; it is only natural growing up in this sort of environment produced the disturbed and mass murdering virus, Alex Mercer. RED Spy however, is married to BLU Scout's Mom and they both live together happily. They are so in love with each other that they barely pay attention to their slightly retarded son, BLU Scout (cousin to Knaw). He is always seen with pug eyes and loves baseball. His parents stuck him in Scout School to train to be a scout. But since he is retarded, he can never pass his classes and is practically stuck there and is only able to visit his parents during holidays and the summer. (Not that his parents really noticed or anything) Knaw also has a cousin named DJ Shadow, son of Alan Wake. However, that part of the family believes they are 'too famous' to still be involved in the ancient ways of the Hood Family so they separated themselves somewhere on Beverly Hills most likely.

On Animus' side of the family, we have her sister GLaDOS, aunt to Scuttle and Knaw. All of the cores created are distant cousins of them as well. Sometimes they visit their Aunt GLaDOS when Animus wants to catch up with her older sister, much to Desmond's dismay. It is no secret of GLaDOS' hatred for humans.

LIKES: Candy, sugar, bones, making friends, his BFF Skeet, doing hunter stuff with his brother, dancing, doing talent shows, DANCINGGGG! Dancing is his passion and it's the one thing he is actually quite skilled at. He's the best in his class and is known for giving lessons to other people who are actually older than him. He also adores Ke$ha, and listens to ALL her music. He has posters in his room and a Ke$ha costume for his stage performances. His favorite food is also strawberries. He loves strawberry EVERYTHING and his room smells of it.

DISLIKES: Hobos, mean people, bullies (he will stick up for anyone being picked on), Ke$ha haters and lots of homework. Since he's such a fun-loving and friendly Hunter, there isn't much he hates.



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