Nizzy Xepher - Hunter

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Nizzy Xepher - Hunter

Post  Luu_Nizzy11 on Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:41 am

NAME: Nizzy Xepher


AGE: 13, July 21st


EYE COLOR: Emerald green

HAIR COLOR: Dusty brown

APPEARANCE: He wears a green hoodie with a orange tuff on the hood and with yellow/orangish stripes on the shoulders and front/back of the hoodie. Blue baggy jeans, and sneakers. He doesn't like his hair, hes got hoodiehair so keeps hood on.


PERSONALITY: Spunky, hyper-crazy if injected with sugar of any kind. Likes to talk with abit of a redneck slang, cause he thinks it sounds funny. Likes to be a goof, and show off infront of his girlfriend Meral. Which he usually fails at. Hes a little hunter with a big imagination.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Hes got alot of friends. Hes good bud with Knaw and some of his other class mates. His GF is Meral, another hunter.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Teachers sold him for running in the halls, and not turning in his homework or being tardy, but thats just about it.

HISTORY/BIO: Nizzy was adopted by his human mother, when he was 2 years old. Grew up with Luu and looked up to her like a big sister. He its abit curious who his real parents are, but doesn't put much thought in it, cause he loves the family he has now! Nizzy was really shy when he first started school, but gradually grew out of his little shy-shell and became the fun class clown. So far in his life hes grow up to be a good boy, lets just hope he stays that way.

FAMILY: Luu is his sister no matter what people say. His human mother kind of gives him the creeps due to her shady ways, but loves it when she plays games with him and reads him storys.
Skully and Gore are the human mothers side of the family, they are Nizzys older cousins- who are siblings and twins! He likes to wrestle with them.

LIKES: Nizzy is a Legend of Zelda fanboy! He likes to role play with his friends in their costumes in the back yard. He likes to play online games. Favorite color is Green- another obvious. He considers dinosaurs to be his most favorite creatures in the world! He likes all kinds of music, except country- even though he likes to talk redneck, music sounds weird to him. He likes to have poke wars with his GF, and friends. Likes the ice cream from J.J Scoops, his fave flavor is Strawberry. He is a Candy Addict- so keep candy away from him!

DISLIKES: He dispises Barney the purple dinosaur, he thinks it blasphemous to watch it. He also
likes/ and dislikes clowns, its a love/hate relationship. Doesn't like the taste of caramel. Doesn't like to be let alone for long, gets nervous and would hide under something. And if you make the predator sound he'll start to bawl.

-Jurassic park is watched every Friday night.
- Hes aten 100 pieces of candy in one sitting.
- Watched porn for the first time and never did again.
- Likes to prance around and talk like a littlw elf during christmas.
- Champion at successfully qouting every line from the first Jurassic park movie.

Hes the cool/laidback kid in school. (thats all i got for now)

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Re: Nizzy Xepher - Hunter

Post  TenderFoot on Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:14 pm


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