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NAME: Kyle ... just Kyle


AGE: 14


EYE COLOR: bright blood red, but they're slowly going opaque.

HAIR COLOR: Mousy brown.

APPEARANCE: Kyle wares a blue zip up hoody and grey jeans, with a hole in the left knee, he rarely has his hood up, instead he wears dark sunglasses this both helps to hide his red eyes and makes him feel a little more human, and they offer the added bounce of keeping his eye relatively safe from the sun. He loves the colour pink and is more often the not totting around his manly pink back pack, filled with everything a kid needs to survive a Infected school.

HEIGHT: 4'9"

PERSONALITY: Kyle has a deep fear of other infected, something he carried over from his life that he cant seem to shake. He's very quite and does his best to keep to himself, if he hast to interact with others of his kind he keeps it brief. He's a smart kid but is usually to freaked out to study or pay attention in class, he never lets hi guard down. He gets over whelmed easily, and has been known to cry at the drop of a hat.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Kyle freezes like a deer in the heads lights when other infected get to close to him, but if push comes to shove, he'll take off running. He will talk to other student as he feels he can trust them.... just don't get to close.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS:As the teacher are infected adults, our boy Kyle dosen't trust them as far as he can throw them. He blames adult infected for his current state and wont give them the time of day. He see them as threat an treats them as such.

HISTORY/BIO: Kyle was living with his family in a "bunker city" outside of the city limits , Kyle's family where 'end of the world packers' they spent most of their time and money (Per outbreak) constructing a small net work of bunkers. By the time the outbrake started they had enough provisions to last them well over thirty years. They moved into the city the day after the infection became wide spread, taking a few other family with them. The 'city' housed 30 other healthy humans, life was cramped but safe in the bunker. Kyle was born into the bunker city, never knowing there was an outside world, and he might never have known about it, but unfortunately there was a cave in and jockey got in. He was attacked and suffered a rather bad concoction as well as a bite to his left ear, after enduring weeks of high fevers, Delirium, vomiting, and more a few awkward cat moment the bunker voted that he was a lost a cause, and they had better get ride of him now before he turned and attacked them. He was tossed into forest, with nothing but clothes on his back and his trusty backpack (encase he did pull through it would be child abuse) but when he came to he was in an infected run hospital.
He still stays at the hospital as he really has no where else to go, but he hates it there so he rarely goes 'home'

FAMILY: Mom/uninfected Dad /uninfected Older sister/ uninfected. His family is still living in the bunkers out side of town

LIKES: His back pack, oreo cookies, non/immune classmates.

DISLIKES: Jockeys, Adults, the hospital, school, other infected, the colour orange (for no good reason)

EXTRA: -Sometimes at night Kyle goes back to the bunker and just sits by the door, its the only time he really feels like himself. He'll sit there all night just talking to the door hoping someone on the other side is listening.
- his sunglasses have a coating that reflects the sun keeping his eyes safer then normal sunglasses would.

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