Richard the Screamer

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Richard the Screamer

Post  DerpishlyDerp on Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:01 am


NAME: Richard Cranston

GENDER: male

AGE: 12

INFECTED: Screamer

EYE COLOR: was brown now a dull yellow color

HAIR COLOR: a faded brown

A strapping young man, literally, he’s like, strapped in a straight jacket. Finds that the jacket is oddly comfortable and wears regular jeans pants with tennis shoes.

((I actually drew this guy on a whim while practicing and experimenting with SAI... And now I love him and I want to badly cuddle to shiz out of him. I mean really! Look at that face <3 He's so cute ;u; ))

HEIGHT: 4’ 8”

PERSONALITY: A bit loony and delusional if I might say so myself. He is always off on his own talking to his ‘friends’ whom are a figment of his imagination mind you! A sweet boy if you can penetrate his wall of emotional neglect and doooom. He gets distracted very easily and often zones out when talking to other. Which usually cuts a person off and stops the conversation in an immediate halt. He runs off to his own world a lot and has a gloomy yet a “OMG LET ME CUDDLE YOU!” feel to him.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Very wary of others but tries to interact. He has a slightly craze air about his and when he does talk it’s slightly high pitched. Doesn’t like to talk to others if he doesn’t need to. And he seems rather distant and wanders from conversations in a loony drift.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Same with the students he drift on conversations but tries his best to focus. Which is a hard task for him. Doesn’t talk much and is quite spectacle with teachers.

Before the infection he was like any normal young chap! Well except that his parents were extremely wealthy. But with the wealth came neglect towards Richard and many fights between parents. Mostly about money, other times about appearance and attitude or about their son who was never worthy of their time or patience. He soon grew a delusion of characters and people from his mind and would often become detached from the world. His parents soon found him to be psychologically damaged and casted him into an insane asylum. Once the infection broke out, and poor Richard was just minding his cushioning walls, he was soon infected and turned into a Screamer. Gladly breaking out he set his sights on the middle school once he found his zombified parents and was enrolled.

FAMILY: His mother and his father whom don’t have names cuz I’m not even gunna bother at this moment in time :3

LIKES: He likes his ‘friends’ (Emphasize on friends since really, he has none), sitting by himself and just being alone in his world but sometimes envious of others companions and playmates, Seafood is his favorite, shadows, and stuuufff like branches and rocks and shiny thiiiings

DISLIKES: humans, his parents, when his ‘friends’ tell him to do bad things, and milk.

EXTRA: He’s allergic to seafood… Huuur how ironic his favorite food is sea food too *derp face*. Also he screams when he gets utterly terrified and in turns alerts the other infected. So like... Don't scare him :'D 'cause he's so damn adorable!


OMG... I had so much fun making Richard XD

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Re: Richard the Screamer

Post  TenderFoot on Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:17 pm


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