Rex "Fido" Lee Ray-Screamer-Bartender at Afterlife

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Rex "Fido" Lee Ray-Screamer-Bartender at Afterlife Empty Rex "Fido" Lee Ray-Screamer-Bartender at Afterlife

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NAME: Rex “Fido” Lee Ray


AGE: 18, December 20

INFECTED: Screamer

SEXUALITY: homosexual(hides it from his sister. In denial)

EYE COLOR: green

HAIR COLOR: blonde

HEIGHT: 5’ 7”

APPEARANCE: He wears clean white shirts with plaid vests and different stylish hats he “borrows” from Maksim’s closet. He keeps clean and has clean crisp hair and several piercings on his ears and three ring piercings along his right eyebrow. He makes sure to keep things tidy so he’s seen as the “woman” of the household (despite his sister being an actual woman.)

OCCUPATION: Bar tender at the night club Afterlife

BUSINESS: Night club Afterlife (18 or older at nighttime but it occasionally has some events for adolescents during the day)

PERSONALITY: Fido is the complete opposite of his sister. He’s soft-spoken and kind but also shares the ability of being able to comprehend situations and listen. Fido cares about taking care of his clothes and the house and is more of a neat freak than anyone. He also cooks in the house so he’s always teased about being the woman. His sister and Maksim influenced him to be paranoid and easily frightened. He can toughen up when he needs to kick people out the club though.

INTERACTION WITH CUSTOMERS: He’s open and friendly and charismatic as a bartender should be to all customers and enjoys showing off his bartending skills. Fido has no problem with complimenting anyone and if he can’t find beauty outside, he finds beauty in people in the inside ((somehow, I just thought of how frustrated he’d get with trying to find the beauty in Scuttle and it made me laugh :T))

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS OUTSIDE THE WORK PLACE: He isn’t double-sided. He interacts with other people as he interacts with his costumers, except, less showy and more polite. It’s incredible how shy he gets when out of his bartender uniform.

HISTORY/BIO: He was set in charge of taking care of his sister Nikita so she wouldn’t go insane. Fido even had to drop school to follow his sister to college. He’s called Fido because people close to him tease him of how loyal and obedient he can be (up to a ridiculous point.) He was immensely saddened when they lost their parents and insists on at least finding out if they’re dead but Nikita refuses to leave. He also hates living with Maksim but tries hard to cooperate to the grouch’s habits.

FAMILY: The only relevant one mentioned would be Nikita. Fido constantly worries about his older sister but knows to keep his distance.

LIKES: Fido enjoys social events and people which is why he loves his job. He also enjoys reading and writing poems. All in all, he’s a really feminine man. He likes finding the beauty in people and loves making people break out of their social shell but can be patient with this dutiful task.

DISLIKES: He dislikes being called a woman or “gay” (even if he is O____o) Fido hates any problems caused in Afterlife and will stubbornly stop giving drinks to someone who’s obviously getting too drunk. Fido is a bit insecure and dreads being alone unless he has a book and is in the park. He also hates seeing others alone. Because he’s called a woman, he attempts to become macho by hitting the gym and doing other “manly things.”

EXTRA: Fido has great hand-eye coordination and would do well in a football team if it didn’t bother him getting dirty so much.

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Rex "Fido" Lee Ray-Screamer-Bartender at Afterlife Empty Re: Rex "Fido" Lee Ray-Screamer-Bartender at Afterlife

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