Nikita Lee Ray-Screamer-Guidance Counselor

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Nikita Lee Ray-Screamer-Guidance Counselor

Post  Fusoso on Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:53 am


NAME: Nikita Lee Ray

GENDER: Female

AGE: 19, October 13

INFECTED: Screamer

SEXUALITY: straight and bothered by bis and homosexuals (always bothering Maksim about this)


HAIR COLOR: blonde

HEIGHT: 4’ 10”

APPEARANCE: small and petite and wears long-sleeved shirts that cover her hands. She loves wearing skirts and bows but her cuteness shouldn’t fool anyone. She has short blonde hair that she dyes a lot (mostly red) and ice cold blue eyes.

OCCUPATION: School Counselor

PERSONALITY: As cute as she looks, she’s vicious and loud and hardly ever makes students feel better (I.E. If child came to talk about depression, she’d respond “You get depressed from that?! I’ll tell you something really depressing!!”) She’s very sarcastic and believes she is the ultimate best. Despite her tiny height, she even scares Maksim and orders him around. Hardly fit for a counselor of feelings, she’s very sharp at reading situations and emotions. She’s part Portuguese and proud of it. Her bark is worse than her bite.

INTERACTION WITH CHILDREN/(if coach: TEACHING METHODS): Even if she has a cold exterior, she has a strong concern for the children but continually yells and gives intelligent lectures and smart replies. She can’t stand ignorant children but is mildly patient.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS/OTHER ADULTS: She’s respectful towards adults though she’s not afraid to call them out on stupid mistakes. Her remarks grow more intelligent around adults, and she expects more from them. She also won’t hesitate to pull a teacher out of their own classroom if she feels that they have a problem.

HISTORY/BIO: She grew up in a normal family but despite this, always had interest in psychotic movies like Chucky, Silence of the Lambs, etc. Due to this, she pursued a career in psychology. Becoming a zombie amused and entertained her more than anything. She got separated from her family aside from her younger brother. Nikita found Maksim when he first realized he was infected and forced him to take both her and her brother in his apartment. He agreed but they don’t usually get along. If Nikita doesn’t want to do what Maksim tells her to, she just yells “WHAT?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU!!!” to which Maksim does not respond well to. Still, they have a respectful relationship and Nikita always scolds him for making so many students feel inferior due to Maksim’s hard and strange tactics.

FAMILY: The only family worth mentioning is her brother “Fido.” He is the only normal one in the household and continues to get creeped out by both his sister and Maksim (who enjoys scaring him.) Nikita is very protective of him and he would return the favor, but he’s sure his sister can handle herself.

LIKES: Psychotic movies (and scaring Maksim with them), studying the human mind, observing differences in infected, fighting, proving her superiority.

DISLIKES: everything else. She also dislikes most people and everyone she considers dumb (which is almost everyone.)

EXTRA: Nikita thinks Chucky and Blade from Puppet Master are adorable and will squeal for only them.
She also likes being called cute.

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Re: Nikita Lee Ray-Screamer-Guidance Counselor

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