Quincey Van Helsing-Screamer-Janitor

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Quincey Van Helsing-Screamer-Janitor

Post  Stich on Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:21 am

NAME: Quincey Van Helsing, Quin for short

GENDER: Female

AGE: 22

INFECTED: Screamer

SEXUALITY: Pansexual

EYE COLOR: Yellow and walleyed


HEIGHT: 5’ 6”

APPEARANCE: She has gray skin and large completely yellow eyes-excluding her usually dilated pupils which tend to drift. She has dark red hair with long bangs framing her face and the hair at the back of her head is held back by a yellow band. When untied it reached her shoulders. Her body is well built due to her “side interests” in the family business. She has sharp, almost shark like teeth and a usually vacant expression. Her usual outfit consists of a blue and red long sleeved shirt-the sleeves being red-with the collar covering her neck. On the chest is a walleyed smiley face with “Smile” written under it. She wears dark gray shorts that reach mid shin and black high top sneakers. Her janitor uniform is a light blue jumpsuit with brown boots and belt.


PERSONALITY: She is relatively void of emotion to most people, only her closest friends seeing her display something other than apathy. She is very blunt and will point out when she fails to understand something without thinking of the consequences.

INTERACTION WITH CHILDREN: She treats them more or less like small adults with a few exceptions. She understands children can be mischievous, and will only become angered if they do something that crosses the line.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS/OTHER ADULTS: She is relatively apathetic about most others and is very blunt with people. If she does not like you, there is a chance she may try to shoot you.

HISTORY/BIO: The great, great, great granddaughter of Abraham Van Hesling and named after his assistant Quincey. Her entire family consists of vampire hunters, including her older brother Salem. She was going to be a vampire hunter as well, but started receiving signals on her braces when she was a kid that said “we demand your fillings.” Or so she claimed. These apparent messages drove her away from her family’s business, and into a more janitorial employment as she claimed the aliens who wanted her fillings feared mops. Strangely enough, her family accepted this, either because her brother filled the job slot for her generation, or because they, for some reason, believed her. Then again, it could have been simply because she was the black sheep of the family, while Salem was the golden boy. Quincey was ignored for the most part as a child, her only companion being her doll Mr. Goat. As she got older, around 19, she procured herself a cow and a tracker collar. She named the cow Moo-Moo and Quin uses the bovine as a mode of transportation as well as alien bait. She also managed to obtain some unknown beast, possibly through familial connections and her knowledge of the occult and supernatural, which now resides in her basement being fed a steady diet of pork, poultry, and the occasional game meat. What the creature she uses as a guard animal is is unknown. All that is known is that it’s name is Mr. Chompers, it has a strange roar, and it has on occasions bitten Quin resulting in hospitalization to take care of the severe wounds. She always forgives Mr. Chompers though, claiming he was just being playful and forgot his own strength. Regardless of her questionable mental state, she has not been placed in a mental institute, possibly because her family does have a decent amount of influence, and because her mental state doesn’t make her a threat, it just makes her disturbing. She does not mind that her mental state results in isolation for the most part, and is quite happy to have Mr. Goat as her only “talking” companion since “cow’s can’t talk, they moo” and Mr. Chompers only roars.

FAMILY: Salem-Brother, Kimiko-wife, Stefan-future child, Yet to be named parents also exist

LIKES: Kimiko, cleaning, working on theories, looking/listening for aliens on her roof, drawing(she’s horrible at it, and most of her images can be rather frightening because of this), her “pets”

DISLIKES: Most technology used for entertainment purposes, cars, being out of ammo, people who actually make her angry

EXTRA: She has two pets-a cow named Moo-Moo who has a tracking collar incase of abduction, and an unknown “guard dog” that lives in her basement and enjoys eating ham. She named him “Mr. Chompers.” She constantly carries around an anthro-goat doll in a green suit with a black bowtie named “Mr. Goat” who apparently tells her surprisingly accurate information. Mr. Goat is one of the major reason’s she’s considered insane, the other being her obsession with extraterrestrials and the supernatural. Then again, her family business is vampire hunting, so the supernatural obsession can be blamed on her upbringing. She is often found listening to static, backwards songs, and number channels when not working. When she is, she’ll occasionally have headphones on and listen to relatively creepy bands and songs, like Creature Feature and The Paper Chase. She was born January 15th and claims Saturn is calling at random and will wander off. She knows how to slay a vampire, how to read tarot cards, and claims that she became a janitor because “the Zinutions fear those who know the arts of the mop” so, since she likes her fillings in her mouth, she took up a job as a janitor instead of joining her brother in the family trade. She considers the infected “plague monsters” and compares the green flu to the black plague. Quin’s eyes have a tendency to drift apart resulting in her having walleyes most of the time.

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Re: Quincey Van Helsing-Screamer-Janitor

Post  TenderFoot on Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:32 am


Can't wait to see her in some roleplays! xD

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