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Hector Capulet-Mudman-Choir teacher/drama assistant Empty Hector Capulet-Mudman-Choir teacher/drama assistant

Post  Stich on Tue Oct 04, 2011 1:35 am

NAME: Hector Capulet


AGE: 23


SEXUALITY: Pansexual

EYE COLOR: Turquoise


HEIGHT: 5’ 9”

APPEARANCE: Hector has incredibly scruffy hair and has a large cowlick of sorts at the middle of his bangs resembling a backwards bird crest. His hair is filled with swamp plants and it reaches his shoulders. His eyes are large and are capable of soul piercing stares. His skin is tan although the color is hidden by a constant layer of swamp muck. He has a beige tank top and brown pants. His pants have extremely frayed ends and several dark red patches. His teeth are yellowed from lack of care and his eyeteeth are larger than average. He never wears shoes and has a very lean build.

OCCUPATION: Choir teacher/drama assistant(he helps with the plays for the most part)

PERSONALITY: Dumb as the dirt he is coated in, Hector has NO idea what “hate” is. He LOVES EVERYONE AND EVERY THING. He is determined to do his best at everything, and is almost always happy. Very few things can get him down, and even fewer things can get him mad. He’s incredibly loyal, and also incredibly easy to manipulate. Anyone can get him to do just about anything so long as he understands what he’s told.

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: He’s very friendly towards students and lets them pick what they want to sing. He’s very understanding of shyness and the likes, and just wants them to try. He’s fine with humming as the bare minimum.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: He is also friendly towards those in the work place and believes everyone is his friend even though they’re not.

HISTORY/BIO: Hector was born the older, fraternal twin to an American born dad and Norwegian legal immigrant mother. His younger twin was a disappointment to his father because he was a “sissy.” When Hector turned ten his father took him and left the family. They traveled for months until they settled in a swamp area. Hector made friends there and his father made him play sports, even though he really wasn’t a fan. At 13 the infection affected their area and Hector and his father became Mud Men. Hector’s father became paranoid, thinking all the other infected-including Hector-were out to get him. Hector was taken from his father after he tried to stab Hector, and Hector was placed in the care of a Jockey friend of his named Johnny. Johnny was into drama and acting, and got Hector into it. Hector especially loved the musical aspect, but seeing as his mud ruined any costume given to him, if he got a part it was as a background choir member. He also enjoyed helping others with their parts. At 22 he decided to say goodbye to Johnny and his foster family and hit the road to see if he could find a steady job requiring his skills.

FAMILY: Original mother and father, twin brother Specter, younger sister he never met, foster family

LIKES: Mud, Speedy, people, food

DISLIKES: Being clean, violence

EXTRA: His favorite singer is Glen Hansard, and his favorite band is Cage the Elephant. He prefers musicals over regular plays, one of his favorites being “Little Shop of Horrors.” He has a tub filled with swamp water, muck, and plants with wheels attached, a pole to push it around, and a lever break. He calls it the “Mud Wagon.” He feels exposed when he doesn’t have a layer of muck on him, and hates rainy days because they wash him clean-he loves the after effects of rainy days though because of the mud puddles they make. He has a pet mud turtle named Speedy who spends most of his time buried in the muck of Hector’s Mud Wagon. On occasion he may have a southern accent due to living in the boonies so long. He goes into horde mode for the usual common infected things like bile and loud sounds.

((Felt like adding Hector <|3c))

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Hector Capulet-Mudman-Choir teacher/drama assistant Empty Re: Hector Capulet-Mudman-Choir teacher/drama assistant

Post  TenderFoot on Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:11 am

YAY! Haha accepted!

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