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Post  leilablackwolf6 on Sat May 18, 2013 10:53 pm

Havel Madison-student-smoker Havel-Madison-14-397758638
Name: My name is Havel Madison (Have-ol.),

Age: and I'm 14 year's.

DOB: I don't know when I was born but I do remember how old I am.

Hair: I have black and white hair cause of my birth mark's on my head.

Height: I'm 6ft and 8in tall. (He has a full body gigantism.)

Eye's: I have yellow-orange eye's. (the top of his eye's are yellow then go to orange.)

Skin: I'm Navajo...... Or greenish brown?.... (His Navajo which is why Yanaha adopted him.)

Gender: I'm a Hybrid... (His a hermaphrodite and he rather be called a guy.)

Occupation: I hope to get into some school around here. (He will walk around the town aimlessly if he has nothing to do.)

Type of Infected: I'm a Smoker.

Personality: Hmmm I'm nice. (He is pretty space and he has blank spot's in his memory cause there are some thing's he don't want to remember. He don't know how to ask for help so if you see him staring at something, just tap him on the shoulder and ask if his ok. And if you ask him if he was a girl or a boy he will say yes, and if you lead to the idea of him being a hermaphrodite he'll just say 'ok' or 'fine' and try to make you drop it. And he can't fight but he sure can take a hell of a beating. He really don't hate anything but he will say something when he don't like it, like people calling him a freak and stuff. And he puts him self away from people and Beatles is the only other person he hangs out with, besides his mom Yanaha.)

Family: It's just my Mom and me. (He had a mom, dad, a grandma and grandpa.)

Hobbies: I like rock and metal.... But I'm willing to give anything new a try. And I like video games. (Old school video games, like Dig-Dug, Pac-Man, and Galaga.) I also like to have tea party's with my good friend Beatles.

Backround: You know what I don't remember anything past 14. (Once upon a time he lived on the rez in New Mexico with his mom, dad, grandpa and grandma. The parent's wanted more kid's but they only had Havel, out 7 tries he was the 4th try. He was fine with kids at school but he could never handle it from his family, his mom and grandpa wanted him to be a girl and his dad and grandma wanted him to be a boy. So he was a girl for a few year's but when he hit puberty he lost it. He let zombies in to eat his family and they turned him. he wonder for day's in a blur not sure what was real or in his head. When Yanaha found him he was skinny so she feed him, but he couldn't keep the food down so he died of starvation. He had a been scar before hand so he turned the moment he died. When he turned he don't remember anything so Yanaha decided to not tell him of his life before, even thou she don't know much about him. All she knows is their cousins because both their mom's are sister.)

Fun-Fact's: Umm I got nothing here.... (He can handle alot of shit.)

Meaning of Name: I don't know the meaning of this name.

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