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Post  blazingblue22 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:59 am

Ken the Smoker Ken_l411

Name: Keanu (Ken as preferred)

Gender: male

Age: 12; high school is 19

Infected type: Smoker

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: Darkish Blue

Appearance: Ken has a light blue (not sky blue) collared-jacket, bluish lavender, long sleeved T-shirt. He has Darkish blue hair, and his eye is almost covered by his bangs (I call it, exploding hair!). he also has lightly faded green skin tone,and a tumor on the left side of his face. He has gray, baggy pants and black shoes.

Height: 5'1"; high school 5'7"-5'11"

Personality: he's a very smart fella and doesn't want to pass on home-works. he likes to draw because of his passion in handwriting. he's sort of having an alone time by himself when break time.

Interaction with Students: he doesn't care much about the world itself, and he usually spends his time alone. when his close friends join him, he doesn't mind. He helps other students to answer their homework, seat work, or quizzes, but NEVER the examinations. He's kind of a heartthrob at school, so that means almost every girl loves him. they faint when they see Ken, but he doesn't care about women that much.

Interactions with Teachers: as I said, he doesn't care about the world, so, he's not that a person who likes to be with the teachers. but, when a teacher makes a mistake in discussing a lesson, Ken proudly corrects that mistake. Some teachers admire this kid, because of his good grades, looks, and behavior towards everyone.

Bio: he grew up in the Left 4 Orphanage ever since he was a child. He was sent there because when he was born, he had a big lump on his face (tumor) and had green skin tone. His parents found out the L4O, a zombie orphanage, but after a few weeks, his parents died because they got killed by fellow zombies. You'll know the story later on. Ken didn't care about his parents because he thought they didn't love him, so he trained and trained. he also learned how to lengthen his tongue, wrap other zombies who's mean to/bullying him, and scratch and punch zombies. he was weak when he was 6, and that made him have the confidence to train more. he has a close friend named Aki, she grew up with Ken in the L4O, he treats her as a sibling. oh, and he's addicted in squeezing things. Very Happy

Family: Ken doesn't have parents anymore. the story happened when Ken was given birth. His parent's saw that ken had a lump on his face (a tumor) and had green skin tone. They didn't want to kill ken because he's still a child, and he's THEIR child. That's when they found out Left 4 orphanage (or L4O) and gave Ken to them. a week later, ken's parents recently found out that they were infected, and that the virus would be effective a day later. The day has come, and they saw themselves with Green skin tone, sharp claws, and unable to speak in English. Ken's father was a Smoker, while his mother was a witch. then they remembered the face of their own child, Ken, and knew that they were to die 3 days later on. and so, they did.

likes:squeezing things, crushing toy cars, pretending to be a giant monster, people who are nice to him and want to be good friends, reading, studying and training/working out, and drinking coffee.

dislikes: being called Keanu (it's pronounced Kee-a-nu), unable to do homework, doing chores, sleeping too much (because it could lessen brain alertness), forgetting to protect Aki (in L4HS), and watching other random people sway their hands up, down, left, right and sway their hips in a sexy way (I don't want to imagine it, it's MORE THAN HORRIBLE).

extras/others: as I told he likes to be alone (but when his friends come, he won't mind). When he grows up in high school, he has more feelings for Aki when they grow up. They were also sent by the director of L4O to L4MS for them to be educated.

L4HS info: he grows up with Aki, still, but sometime in the future he has more feelings for Aki than friendship. he gets to be tough because of all the hard work he's doing when he was in middle school. he kinda protects Aki from any problem she's facing and even though she can protect herself, Ken doesn't want her in any trouble. His appearance on L4HS is a little bit awesome-er.
He has bluish-indigo, torn sleeve collared-jacket,and white long sleeved T-Shirt. He has darker hair now and his eye turned a lot more evil-looking. he has pure green skin tone and his tumor has grown 3 inches long. What a Face He has darkish indigo pants with the design of Orange Stripes and longer punk belts. He also has a bit dusty shoes.

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Post  TenderFoot on Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:13 pm

Please redo your ref, and read this first -->

L4MS Character Refs: [Scuttle] [Knaw] [Skeet] [Sally] [Todd]

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