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Post  leilablackwolf6 on Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:33 am

NAME: Helen (Full name Helen Lucy Valentine Madison, she only likes to go by Helen tho.)

GENDER: Female

AGE: 12 & 1/2


EYE COLOR: Purple (but she is blind)

HAIR COLOR: a light brown

APPEARANCE: Dress's any thing her older sister make's or get's her meaning thing's like animal suit's and cute stuff.


PERSONALITY: is nice like her father and lady like, she has Empath so she is sensitive to just about anything, you can't scare her with out her busting out crying or running away screaming, if your not happy when around her she will do anything to make you smile, she is nice to anyone so she a push over so she is easy to manipulate. She all so happy to much.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Too nice and shy to people she doesn't know, so she a push over and just about anyone can beat her, reason why is as long as she now's it's makes them happy then she will put up with it.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: She is a lady to older people, like if a teacher is getting mad at her for what ever reason then she will just agree and try to do as they told her to do.

HISTORY/BIO: She is born from a hunter mother and a hybrid father, she is all so an aristocrat and her father is a earl of the Madison family and is the airiest to the family name (only because Yanaha doesn't want it and Helen is Jamie biological father).

FAMILY: A father named Jamie and her older sister, Yanaha and a deceased mother named Eleanor.

LIKES: She like to play hide and go seek, dot, monkey on the floor, mark o pole lo, birdie, badminton with her older sister, love's to cook and bake food and making people happy, love's to smile.

DISLIKES: She was taught to not hate anything and be a lady by her grandpa and grandma but she hates people who try to scare her, loud noises, scary movies, and people who are cruel to other's.

EXTRA: Meaning of name: Greek myth name of the most beautiful mortal woman ever to exist whose abduction by Paris caused the Trojan war. The name has been disputed for a long time. There have been attempts to link it with Greek helene "torch" or selene "moon." However, recently it has been compared by scholars to Vedic Saranyu, wife of Surya, who was abducted just as Helen of Greek mythology was; the name may therefore be from the Proto-Indo-European root sel "to elope" and have been borrowed from the older Hindu myth of the abduction of the goddess of dawn.

HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION(OPTIONAL): She a good kid so she get's A+'s in all of her subject's so no one has too much trouble with her, unless she least's a student beat her up.

FUN FACT: she also like to dance randomly, she dances like Shin-Chan sometimes when she feels like dance and she also smiles like him sometimes too.

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Post  TenderFoot on Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:56 pm

Like your previous character, I would also like you to fix basic spelling and grammar issues in this ref.

Change the topic to "Your Character's Full Name-Infected".

Expand on the following sections,

Both the sections 'INTERACTION WITH STUDENTS' and 'INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS' are very confusing and should be re-done completely. ...What is this 'paralyzing?' Is she part scorpion or something? Please fix this.

Also you say that she is a Hunter yet there is nothing in her Bio that would suggest she is one due to her activities. May I suggest changing her infection type to a Common Infected or an Immune?

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