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Ray Emerson - Smoker Ray_on_the_road_again_by_crimsonangelofshadow-d34vy8z


NAME: Ray Emerson


AGE: 12


EYE COLOR: Emerald Green

HAIR COLOR: Black (with Red and Orange dye on the ends)


HEIGHT: 4'11" ft.

PERSONALITY: VERY foolhardy, mildly crabby, occasionally easy to irritate, silently paranoid, has a quiet voice and a subconscious formal demeanor. He has the straight posture of a businessman and the slick charismatic tongue of a salesman. Due to his atypical upbringing, he is very informed about business and has a very formal vocabulary but is not very savvy with “normal people” ideas and Slang/vernacular words (Though when he's older, he becomes more familiar with slang and stuff). First impression may say he's a destructive little pyromaniac who doesn't care. Overall, he’s a rebellious but nice kid under a sourpuss mask made from a big o’l skeleton in his closet (If you don‘t know what “to have a Skeleton in your closet” means, it’s basically, “A shameful or embarrassing secret a person has that they intentionally try to hide”).

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: He is crabby towards most everybody, particularly guys; however, he seems to show a more quiet and dismissive attitude with silent respect towards girls. Despite this unpleasant impression he makes of himself, he is a completely different person when in solitude or when having a nice friendly or personal conversation alone with another person. In those moments, he reveals himself to be a very affable and lonely boy.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Though normally he shows a tolerant level of respect for his teachers, he tends to be very bold in stating his mind and correcting them when he finds an error. In this way, he can be easily looked upon as a "smart a**", "Know it all", or "little punk brat" or something like that.

HISTORY/BIO: Growing up, he was the "luggage" son of a business woman. He has never been to public school until now; previously, he was always taken along on his Common Infected mother’s business trips where he was always told what to do, how to act, where to go, when to be there, basically "how to live his life" with no say on his part. Rebellious and detesting this "prison"-like living, he attempted to run away more times than he could count; only to be brought back in through a "lost person" reward, caught by the police, betrayal, etc.. It wasn't until he convinced his mother to set him in a less “mobile” living. It wasn’t what Ray had in mind, but now he lives with his hybrid (Witch/Screamer) aunt, Sheila, as his legal guardian while his mother continues traveling to further her career.
If Ray could have it his way, he would live the thrilling life of a daredevil; too bad his idea of "thrills" involves breaking rules and destruction of property.
As a young Smoker, he’s notably shorter than normal Smokers. Perhaps the most notable physical characteristic about him is the fact he is never heard coughing (At least in public, heh heh heh). If anyone dares ask him why he doesn’t cough, he will become very violent and infuriated and usually do one of the following: aggressively chew you out verbally and then run away, (occasionally and depending on the situation) attempt to beat you to a pulp and later leave you inside a dumpster tied up with his smoker tongue, or just quickly change the subject and pretend he didn't hear you ask.
Though, to answer the question of “why doesn’t he cough?” it’s not that he doesn’t cough, it’s that he simply tries to avoid it. You see, when he was just a toddler, he was playing with a rubber ducky squeaker in his mouth to make his mom laugh; but he accidentally swallowed the squeaker and it became stuck somewhere in his throat. So every time he coughs, laughs, cries, shouts, or any other form of inhaling/ exhaling sharply, you distinctly hear the squeaker instead.
He HATES the kind of attention he gets from it, so he tries to suppress the sound of the squeaker by talking quietly, holding his breathe, or running off somewhere to let it out where he’s sure no one can hear him.

FAMILY: His mother a Common Infected woman (I don't have a name for her, but she is referred to "Mother" or "Ray's Mom" or what not), his father a smoker (who also doesn't have a name), and his "aunt" Sheila the witch who isn't actually related to him but is close business partners with his mom. He is an only child, so he does not have any siblings.

LIKES: explosives, fire, electricity, Really nice friendly people, cherry flavored lollipops, his closest family member Kanika, interesting/friendly conversations, listening to gossip (and quietly eavesdropping conversations of people around him within earshot), motorcycles, classic novel/mythological stories, and doing anything foolhardily dangerous for fun (becomes more hardcore as he gets older).

DISLIKES: boredom, people trying to make him “squeak his squeaker”, talking about his family/ politics/ industry-related topics, holidays (in an economical perspective), seeing movies, video games, formalities and regulations, wearing formal clothing, receiving expensive fancy gifts, bullies, arrogant people, loud people, nosy people, crazy hyper people, simpleminded people, furry/feathery animals, being hugged by strangers/acquaintances (However, doesn't mind too much being hugged by his friends or his closest people/relatives), being told what to do and then being forced to do it, being made fun of for the squeaker in his throat, having no one to talk to, animals that stare at him (He swears they are out to get him), awkwardly quiet empty places, and going back to the life he had traveling with his mom.

EXTRA: most of the time he is seen with a lollipop or sucker in the side of his mouth; a handful of people might assume he’s just trying to look like he’s smoking on a cigarette and look cool, truth is it helps him avoid squeaking and he just downright loves suckers and lollipops.
He and his family hail from Egypt. His real name is “Chenzira” which translates to English as “Born on a journey”. He had to change his name to “Ray” upon immigrating to the United States.
When really REALLY bored during school, he makes it a hobby to go around making pranks and causing trouble for his own amusement, or after school, he likes to "borrow" his cousin's or any motorcycle and go joy riding doing all sorts of crazy dangerous stunts all over the place.
He has a pet Tarantula named "Kanika" that he always has with him hiding in one of his cargo pant pockets. He loves Kanika like a little baby sister, hee hee.
He has distinctive uses for each of his four large pockets on his cargo pants: one carries all his lollipops and Kanika's food, another acts as his pet tarantula's "room", another carries all his explosives/lighter/bottle of kerosene/ etc., and the last one is used to temporarily carry misc. items.

Limitations of Destructive Capabilities (as a 12 year old):
Fire/Kerosene: Limited to a storage of 3 gallons of kerosene and can only use up to 1 pint in immediate cases and 1 gallon per scheme. Can only make fires no bigger than an average apartment room.

Hot-wiring: Can hot-wire any wheeled vehicle, but is only capable of driving anything from a motorcycle to a car, cannot drive anything more complicated to work than an average car.

Buildings: Can only completely destroy 1 story tall buildings no larger than 3 or 4 apartment rooms big.

Bombs/Explosions: Can only make bombs capable of making a concussive force powerful enough to make a small hole in a wall no bigger than a small dining room table (about 6x5 ft.).

Materials: Limited to anything one can (reasonably) find in a household/store from common to uncommon items.
Imports: No destructive materials such as guns, gun powder, explosives, etc.. Limited to ordering animals no bigger than an average sized dog., no endangered/rare animals, and limited to ordering anything no bigger than an average dining room chair.

Birthday: July 3rd


AGE: 17

HEIGHT: 6'09" ft.

PERSONALITY: He becomes less foolhardy, but is still very much a daredevil. He's still grouchy but much more socially tolerant than he was when he was a kid. He also takes more advantage of being rich at this age, but not to the extent that he spends like a rich snob, no sir. He only buys what he can't get his hands on within the city.

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