Play ball! Gym class

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Play ball! Gym class

Post  TheOperator on Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:33 am

In the field by the school, Logan stood holding a clipboard and a whistle. He had several soccer balls beside him in a mesh bag and a pile of green and blue vests. He was busy writing something on the clipboard as he waited for his class to gather. He paused momentarily to hack up a lung.

Olivia grimaced listening to the cough. He used that to get your attention more then the whistle. Someone sounding like they were about to puke up a lung was more likely to make you pay attention (in his mind). The young spitter looked at the rest of her class for a few minutes, before gazing at the collection that Logan had by his feet. She hoped class would start soon. logan was fidgeting, and when the smoker/witch hybrid got antsy because he was falling behind on his schedule he became one of the scariest teachers out there. Olivia personally wondered why he decided to hold class outside when it was fairly chilly.


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