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Post  Kat on Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:32 pm


NAME: Kris Jerry


AGE: 14




APPEARANCE: CUBBYYYYYY ^w^. Just like every boomer Kris has put on some weight since birth. He has boils over his right eye, stomach, and left wrist, a black ninja t-shirt that’s a little too small for him and exposes his belly to the world, and tan cargo shorts, and muddy boots. He had short brown hair and a large chips bag used for barfing if he has too.


PERSONALITY: Fat is happy!!! He is a very cheerful guy who loooooves to eat. There isn’t a mean bone in his fluffy body and is considered a BIG nerd because he is addicted to video games and can be smart if he wants to. He has to be the funniest zombie in the entire school without being mean in the process. He does get bullied but it never dampens his high spirits. Though the weird thing is, he isn’t interested in girls his own age; instead he goes after anyone over the age of 17.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Very friendly to everyone, he has this effect on people that just make them smile, like a happy gas just spews from him. His best friend is Evan Gower even if they aren’t in the same grade level as each other.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Kris isn’t exactly a teacher’s best friend; he is too much of a jokester to be taken seriously. He is also in love with the school nurse, Evan mom, because of two things: 1. she is over 17 and 2. She is actually nice to him unlike most other teachers.

HISTORY/BIO: Kris’s family isn’t completely boomers, no; ¾ of it is made of fit, sexy, skinny, hunters. The only boomer around is his father who married his step mom Jennifer and she was a hunter with two other sons: Roger and Kevin both love to torture Kris just for the hell of it. He can never keep up with them because of his weight but he doesn’t care, he would always get them back by barfing on them when they least expect it. Getting used to his new kindred and transferring from elementary to middle school was pretty rough for him in the beginning since no one wanted to be friends with a boomer, but later in the year they warmed up to him and now he is swarmed with zombie buddies, Evan was his first BFF and still is. Then one day he discovered that Evan was the school nurse’s mom so he always begs to sleep over at his house almost every day, it’s rare to see them apart. Another one of his best friends is Felicity Thompson, a creepy stalker girl who is actually his "roommate" as he puts it. In truth he really likes her and often spends time with her and Evan. They are the three amegos

FAMILY: Parents/ Jennifer Jerry (hunter), Albert Jerry (Boomer), Kevin Jerry (hunter), Roger Jerry (Hunter)

LIKES: jokes, video games, reading manga, watching anime, comic books, super heroes, older women, eating, blogging, texting, talking, his computer, action figures, Evan’s mom, Evan’s pet hamster Carl, and zombie v/s food show.

DISLIKES: getting in trouble, barfing, no technology (>o< noooo!!!!111), explosions, crows, bullies, and heights.


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