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Luu Xepher - Huntress  Luumugshot

NAME: Luu Xepher

GENDER: Female

AGE: 21, October 15th


SEXUALITY(if over 16): Single

EYE COLOR: None (but if she had a color- it be light blue.)



Luu wears a blue hoodie and blue denim jeans, some sneakers. Luu is a little shy in showing her eyes, considering she still has hers- even though most hunters lose theirs after puberty. But her eyes were still affected- and dilated completely black. And like all hunters, she has tape on both her arms and on her left knee. She has a tattoo on her right side of a blue python.

OCCUPATION(optional): She goes to College, and works part-time at a local grocery store. She is occasionally a tutor at Nizzy's middle school, because she is going to college with a teaching major.

Calm, Big sister figure,a sweet-pea. Luu shows a keen sense for danger, gets a slight tingle when troubles around. Luu can show a good poker face, unless shes being tickled, she'll probably wont be able to hold back laughter. Theres only been a few times in Luu's life wheres she snapped completely into her hunter nature, or just going berserk and tearing shit apart (shudders). Like she did to this one smoker when she got drunk-....nevermind. But that wont happen unless your threatening to kill Nizzy or shes near death - that probably wont happen, like gawdforbid.

Luu haves some friends, afew in college. She hangs out with her cousins Skully and Gore
(from her adopted mothers side of the family). Shes good friends with Scuttle - knaws older brother, and Sanri(hunter), along with Salina (witch) her two close friends.

Alright lets dig around in her past.
Luus mother (Alice Xepher) is a starving artist, abit mysterious. She adopted Luu when she found her at the young age of 4 bundled up in a blanket, abandoned in an alleyway on October 15th. Her real mother/father- no clue, so we don't know where she came from, or what her real name was. So Alice named her Luu, simple as that. Though it doesn't bother Luu much that from where she originally came from. Shes just happy she has a family and roof over her head. Shes going to College for a teacher degree, wants to teach art history, since she can't draw worth a darn. She basically got interested in art because of Alice's influence.

Luu's school life was an experience she wish she could forget. Elementary was okay, until she went to middle school- and met a douchebag named Alex mercer and his cousin Scuttle. Scuttle was cool, but she tried to ignore Mercers as much as possible- flirtatious basterd. Had to go through middle school like that. But she did make friends with Sanri and Salina. Which became her best friends ^u^.
High school- was the worse and the best. 9th and 10th grade was embaressing- since she was a nervous wreck. 11th grade her was the only time where she got into trouble, because of a rebellious stage- got a tattoo, and stayed out late, hung out with a hunter gang. That was the year she dated Vicious (Aaron Xavier), but they broke up at the end of the year- because of reasons. 12th grade was when she snapped back to her good old self, because she wanted to be a good example for Nizzy, since he was becoming of age. Luu graduated and is now in college, and working part time.
Luu's only been in been in one relationship- and maybe dated some guy at college once, just one date. But she tries to stay away from the love train- due to her spazzy nerves when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex in such ways. Luu doesn't like drama and tries to stay away from it, so she isn't looking for a relationship or nothing- considering she is already busy with enough stuff as it is..School/work/family. But if the right guy presents himself- she might consider. She might have some crushes on some peeps, but she isn't currently sharing that info with me.

FAMILY: Nizzy and Luu were adopted by a human mother, so they all aren't related- But they function like a good family. Nizzy and Luu aren't real brother and sister, but being as Luu was there to help raise Nizzy- Nizzy sees her as the big sister! Everything works out! And they have a cat, named Koco, and a raptor named Greg (yes I said it- a Raptor).

LIKES: Luu is picky with her music, she usually goes for the heavy techno like Skrillex and deadmau5, glitch mob etc.... Heavy metal, classic rock- some R&B hits. She plays video games, kind of a nerd- thanks to her mother. She likes to read mangas, fictional novels, watch abit of anime. She can't draw, but she likes Art history! Her favorite ice cream is from J.J Scoops, Vanilla/chocolate swirl, she takes Nizzy there if he got good grades. Her favorite color is blue- obvious. Past times are just sleeping, shes abit lazy, playing games. And shes a big fan of sailor moon.

DISLIKES: Hates Rap, doesn't like perverts, she doesn't like doing long errands for her mom. She doesn't like the bus driver for Nizzys bus, the spitter is a sketchy/creepy chick. She tries to stay away from ghetto areas, because certain ex-gang members live around there that she doesn't want to get involved with. And Alex Mercer, nuff said ಠ_ಠ. There are plenty of other things she dislikes, but their petty and small.

- Luu is afraid of voodoo heads and roaches.
- Has a small tattoo on her side of a blue python, probably due to her gang name.
- Blushes if you call her Lulu.
- her one true skill is stealth and being silent. Champion at hide and go seek.
- Don't touch her in anyway perverted, you'll loose a arm or leg.
- Has every sailor moon anime seasons.
- Her gamertag is "BluePython"

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Luu Xepher - Huntress  Empty Re: Luu Xepher - Huntress

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(Heehee, love this girl.)

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