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Mallerie Paine-Witch Dsci0612

NAME: Mallerie Paine

GENDER: Female

AGE: 48 (but looks mid 30's)


SEXUALITY(if over 16): (was married) but is now SINGLE to the MAX

EYE COLOR: Blood red (normal/aggressive), Grey (neutral/thoughtful), yellow (acting as sad, regetful, depressed), Light blue *occassionally (repentful), Indigo *Semi-Rare* (really feeling sad/regretful), & Violet *VERY RARE (feeling ANY kind of affection)

HAIR COLOR: Jet Black (similar to the 'Beta Witch' from L4D)


APPEARANCE: She has a thin body structure like all Witches do and long sharp 'claws'. She wears a torn buttoned
shirt that shows some of her stomach and the left sleeve is gone. She also wears a torn long skirt
with shorts underneath ("skort" maybe?) and she wears a pair of grey flats. Her hair is rather strange,
one side being long and the other side really short. She almost never sleeps most of the time and
there for has eye bags and she has bruises on both arms.

OCCUPATION(optional): None, she was a stay-at-home mom though before infection.

PERSONALITY: Mallerie is a person you do NOT wish to encounter. She acts like a real bitch and she does not care, making her independent.
She is always seen as wrathful and she sometimes seems "regretful" or "sad" at times but do NOT be fooled. That's just the sign
of her Bipolar Disorder kicking in. Witch triggers like being attacked indirectly and very loud noises set her off. She has HIGH opinions on people,
she likes to judge them very carefully.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS: Mallerie doesn't like to hang around infected that waste her time. If people are willing to be friends with her she always makes sure
they follow her set of rules she made herself:

Mostly her rules are:

"If they act 'immature', then I'll ignore them until they're serious."
"If they can fight, then they have good potential."
"if they fight me, then I'll kill them."
"If they fight with me, then I can trust them."
"If they turn on me, then they're my enemy."

and most IMPORTANT one "If they step across the "line", we'll attack them"

If mallerie ever encounters kids she usually goes easy on them just by warning them about her needs.


FAMILY: Derrick, George, & Penelope

Derrick (husband)--- The husband of her dreams, her own 'prince charming', an amazing father... BIG ASS LIAR! After money shortages started happening
she wanted to leave this guy and take the money he had. She believed he was cheating on her and that when he said "he wasn't" she'd call him a liar. After sending him to jail she somehow
seemed a little repentful of the situation, but she didn't care, as long as the guy was gone she was overjoyed. She knows he must still be in jail, but she wouldn't both to deal with the
liar anymore. (He's kept at a special infected jail similar to a 'zoo.')

George (son)--- Mallerie always had a soft spot for George. He was always willing to help out around the farm. After the incident though she slowly started losing all trust
in him after he called her crazy after Penelope came to the conclusion. She doesn't know his where abouts, but if she did it won't be a happy 'family reunion.'
(He does live on the other side of the barricade like Penny, but in the farmlands.)

Penelope (daughter)--- Mallerie did like her daughter, but she wasn't anything like George. She just spent time around flowers instead of helping out. She would always call her lazy
and worthless when she got older. Even after Penelope got a business she refused to accept the money she wanted to offer. After the incident Penny called her a bitch, liar, and that
she was crazy for doing such a thing. Mallerie believes Penny was the who made her the way she is and wants revenge on it. (Penny also knows that she lies behind the barricade as well).


HISTORY/BIO: Before Infection, Malleire was a city girl,leading a normal life, going to school, and doing her best. She would sometimes have occassional mood swings if she failed at something, but that
didn't slow her down. When visiting the city one time she met Derrick and they started seeing each other. Derrick would always buy her the best things anyone could think of. She found out that Derrick was a lumberjack and
that he makes lots of money. Soon enough the two of them got married and started living in the country-side. Years past and they already had their son George, Penelope was soon on the way. However during
this time, lumberjacks' jobs were starting to become low in pay. Although Mallerie didn't know at the time, but she was money-hungry. Even when they were married Derick bought her amazing things, but
not anymore. She at first shrugged it off.

More years passed and Penelope was born and living a young life, then thats when things started going down the drain. The money shortages were becoming worse and Mallerie had become suspisious at this. She would always accuse
Derrick for spending the money all those years on someone either than her.He says he's not however she always believes he's lying. She would get furious, but then would setting down after a few minutes. Later the same arguments occured every single
time and then Derrick refused to work anymore. Mallerie was PISSED. She then became aggressive and started attacking her husband verbally and physically. All Derrick did was push her into a table and she just had a bruised arm, but she called the police
and they arrested Derrick and she was acting innocent and fake crying in front of them just to take her husband away. Mallerie's actions caused her own children to leave her accusing her to be the liar. She refused the thought, almost sending her insane
everytime she thought about it. Soon she left the house and went to the more urban parts just outside of the city to get away from her terrible life...then the infection hit.

Since then Mallerie couldn't trust anyone right away, always thinking they would just lie to her face and turn on her. People now fear to go near those urban parts because of her. She's killed any survivor or human who entered. Police soon put a barricade blocking the tamed
infected from the aggressive ones (her mostly.) She doesn't know the locations of Derrick or George, Penelope is the only one behind that barricade and she hopes one day to escape, to find her, and to get revenge on her for making her the way she is.


LIKES: Being independent, being a Witch, acting exactly how a witch should act, people that take their infected role seriously, Winter (the city and urban parts are at its darkest at this time),
Sunflowers (its the only human thing she likes), challenges, meat (either human flesh or deer), dark/dull colors, and fruit (the only fruit that grows in her parts are PLUMS.)

DISLIKES: Her ENTIRE FAMILY, LYING, the barricade, immature infected, infected that dont act the way they should, anyone across the barricade, being caring or regretful,
people wasting her time, anyone who fights her, and Summer...the heat in the urban parts is UNBEARABLE.


•Mallerie does sort of have a neutral side, but she always sounds annoyed.

•She laughs/chuckles/snickers, smiles widely, and her pupils are almost always seen small, but that's because...well she's crazy.

•Its rare to happen, but if you're friends with her long enough, Mallerie will start acting more civil like the way she was before going crazy.

•She lives mostly in abandoned houses/apartments or sometimes on the streets.

•She's very agile for a Witch and has a very painful claw swipe.

•Mallerie trys her best NOT to attack children/teens, but if their immature or old enough to know not to cross the line they she will defend her territory.

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