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Snaggle Marie Daniels - Hunter - Owner of Zombie Gearz Empty Snaggle Marie Daniels - Hunter - Owner of Zombie Gearz

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NAME: Savannah Snaggle Marie Daniels
GENDER: Female
AGE: 18
BIRTHDAY: December 28
EYE COLOR: Light, crystal-like Grey

APPERANCE: She has short black hair that is cropped and has a lot of choppy layers. Her bands are wispy and swept to the left of her face. Her skin has a bluish hue to it because of the infection. Her eyes are grey but always covered by a beanie she got from her little brother, so no one has ever seen them.

OCCUPATION: Store Owner and Manager
BUSINESS: Zombie Gearz. Snag's store, Zombie Gearz is a zombie paradise for shopping when it comes to apparel. She sells everything from duct tape, to hoodies, to sneakers. Name brands and all. You can also purchase custom designed clothing and clothing with custom airbrush graphics. She is also commission-able for artwork in general.

PERSONALITY: She’s definitely different. She is usually slightly guarded around people because she doesn’t want to get close to anyone. Other than that she is very helpful and loves to give advice of all sorts. If people come to her with a problem, she’ll help them. This usually leads people to believe she is nice and will be their friend. She really is only trying to keep her reputation good for her business.
In reality she’s just a smartass with a low self-esteem. Some other that are not commonly displayed are aggression, love, and excessive display of happiness.

INTERACTACTION WITH CUSTOMERS: She is always kind to everybody who walks in unless they come in and disrespect her. Her attitude toward kids isn’t always so tolerant, but she still serves with a smile. In her work environment she is kind and helpful. This is most likely the best place to meet her.
She doesn’t mind some sarcastic banter back and forth, in fact she enjoys it. Although, there is a difference between that and someone running their mouth! Her temper can ride on a fine line, though it’s mostly restrained… She will give you a warning or two before she kicks you out.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS OUTSIDE THE WORK PLACE: When she meets new people she is generally indifferent. Whether she makes ‘friends’ or not; it makes no difference to her. If the person is worth engaging in conversation with, they are still not friends, just people. She enjoys being detached from people because of how she was brought up; the whole “Nothing lasts forever” bull shit.

HISTORY/BIO: Snaggle grew up living with her parents and her little brother. Her parents always saw her as a sort of failure, not meeting their expectations for her. They wanted a smarty-pants and got the artsy-fartsy. She was always taking care of her little brother, Nathan, aka Zipper, thus his influence was mostly of her rather than the parent figures. When she was about 15 she took up parkour as a hobby to relieve her anger with her parents, occasionally training her brother in the sport. Something she picked up during such was the appreciation for street art, or graffiti. Shortly after, it was her vandalizing the streets beneath the dim glow of the hazy street lamps. It wasn't long before she was renown for her escapades of vandalism and trespassing. She was almost top dog in the town.
Once the flu started spreading and infecting, she got smart and started doing things to protect her family, mostly her brother. She would go out and do her daily activities in the day light, then at night, would wait and kill infected humans. Her parents ended up becoming infected as they tried to obtain some groceries from the supermarket. When her parents made their tragic way back to the house, they were very ill. Regardless, Snag kept Zipper away from them enough while waiting to see if they could control themselves after being infected. Everything was going great with them passed out or disoriented, her brother was safe on his own. But then their parents hungered for flesh and attacked her brother, sending him into a state of shock and infecting him.
While all this was going down, Snag was out doing her artsy business in the alleyway when unexpectedly a group of some 'gangsters' had rolled up. She knew who they were and seemed unconcerned, knowing she could handle them, but she didn't realize they were infected until they were close enough to bite her. She managed to quickly put a distance between her and the group and used, what was mostly instinct, to fend off and knock out most of them. Or at least enough of them to get away. She made it back home to find her parents feasting on her little brother.
Nearly killing both of her parents in an aggressive blind rage, she took her brother to an old warehouse she was putting together as a shelter for uninfected humans. She tried everything to help him, but he only suffered for two weeks.During this time frame she was also fighting control over her own infection. She killed a few people and was angered by this, uneasy. After gaining some control over herself, she continued to put all of her effort into saving her little brother, to no avail.
When she pronounced him dead, she took to the streets on her own, leaving him there behind; the most painful thing she has ever done. She wears the beanie he gave her for her birthday in his honor. Before leaving the town, she painted a large mural in honor of him as well on the entire storefront of his favorite shop they frequented. Everyone would know his name, and that he was the best little brother. But only she would be able to understand what a loss it had been the day he died.
After aimless wandering, she ended up in a community full of infected who are able to control themselves and set up a clothing store their, hoping to find refuge among people liker herself.

FAMILY: Father - Dean Daniels // Mother – Lorie Daniels // Brother – Nathan Daniels

LIKES: Sweet foods or treats, older men, Survivors, her beanie, some romance literature, and being clean.
DISLIKES: The color orange, kids, sour foods or treats, history, Boomers, and Spitters.

EXTRA: Her store is across the street from J.J. Scoops. She always has her attention drawn in that direction by the Manager of the place. Forever Virgin.

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