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Penelope Paine- Witch - Owner of Carnation Corner Empty Penelope Paine- Witch - Owner of Carnation Corner

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.Penelope Paine- Witch - Owner of Carnation Corner L4ms__penelope_paine_by_ppgxrrb_fan-d4c7kub

-Name: Penelope "Penny" Paine

-Age: 22

-Birthday: March 31

-Gender: Female

-Height: 5'2"

-Eyes: Scarlet red (normal), Blood red (furious/rage), yellow/orange (surprised/sad), indigo *RARE to happen* (blank, non-responsive, VERY depressed, or sometimes a little "out-of-her-mind")

-Occupation: (VENDOR) Penelope is a very skilled Florist. She owns a floral shop called "Carnation Corner."

She provides all kinds of flowers and plants to any one. She also does 'flower grams' if people place any orders for her.
They can be for regular flower delivery or even customized flower arrangement. The shop would be located in the city near the park. (they have the best trees to relax under.)

-Type of Infected: Witch


-Personality: Penelope is a kind caring person always willing to help out anyone that needs it. She always 'thinks before she talks' since she always wants to be sure
that whatever she says makes sense. This also makes her a timid person, with her being a witch, she gets slighty startled if approached and/or not warned. She also has
a bit of 'Emotional inferiority' meaning she sometimes has low-self confidence in herself, so that's why she tries her best to make other people happy (with her flowers)
in order to make her happy and regain her self confidence back.

Despite being a nice person, sometimes she can get moody and can sometimes act immature for her age. She does have some rage fits whether it be for personal reasons
or if people just talk shit about her (which is not likely to happen too often). She also tends to make little situations way too dramatic at times.


-Family: A dad, mom, and older bro.

George: He is, pretty much, mixed and matched. He acts like the goofy, irritating, but entertaining bro then in an instant can become a serious independent guy to others.
He stands just 5 years older than Penelope and is a fruit orchard harvester. After infection he turned into a Charger.

Dad: a very optimistic man, had 2 wonderful children, and married a "lovely genorous woman" HUGE BITCH! He thought his life would be like any other mans life,
but he unfortunately was wrong. He worked as a lumberjack always exploring the woods and cutting down trees to bring back to town for pay. After infection he became a Tank and is keep in solitary confinement.

Mom: Soft spoken, innocent, and friendly on the OUTSIDE....lying, cheating, back stabbing, bitch on the inside. Always wanted everything her way and believed everyone was her friend,
but of course people could see she was a dirty fat liar. She had no job, just a stay-at-home mom that did everything in the house. After infection she became a witch and lives on "the bad side" of the city.


-BIO: BEFORE INFECTION-Penelope was raised outside of the city, she would occasionally go there for school and shopping. Her family owned a small farm which was technically their source of work sending goods back
to the city and getting paid for it. Penelope, even though she liked the farm, loved to wander around in the flower patches which inspired her desire and love for flowers that she hoped to work with flowers when she got older.
As the years went by, she slowly started to notice her family tearing apart with her parents fighting over frequent money shortages now and then and mom accusing dad for spending it on someone other than them (but really she wants him to spend it on herself only.)
Penelope would simply stay away from the drama and just stay out in the meadows and 'sniff the roses', it made her happy and at peace.

By age 20 Penelope was licenced as a florist following her dream to always work with flowers.She then
opened her shop in the city hoping it would help with the money crisis.However the fighting still continued, but this time it went too far. Her brother and her couldn't stop what had happened, their dad had been arrested for assult
and put in solitary confinement when their mom just sat there and looked innocent in front of the police when it was HER that started the whole thing?!...yup that was it. Penelope and George both decided it was time for them to leave the place they called "home" and just left
their mom to rot in her lies and not hear from her father for a long time. Both kept in touch with each other because they were what's left of the Paine family. Two years later everything was good as it was however...the infection hit.

Penelope was shocked at what she had become,but yet she didn't really...feel any different. Once looking at here surroundings it seemed like people didn't care if they've changed or not. If people still acted normal despite what happened then
why couldn't she? Penelope decided to keep running her shop and did what she did best...take care of flowers...and make people happy, no matter what they were.


-Likes: Flowers of course, spring and fall seasons, loves bright colors, She LOVES coffee she always try different kinds.
*her favorites are the pumpkin spice latte and mocha frappachinos* , loves fruit since her bro gives her some sometimes *favorites Granny Smiths and Peaches*, spring hats, & she likes to laugh at ridiculous situations.

-Dislikes:...ROSES! (sure she's a flower person, but roses to her are the most OVERUSED flower to buy)....however she still sells them for her business), HER MOTHER, loud noises sudden light & sudden surprises (all that is George's fault) *lets not forget bees *, doesn't like back talk,
lying, hates having low-self confidence, non-happy people, summer...the flowers wilt, winter...well lets say its neutral, and...valentines day.


•Since she is an expert at flowers, Penelope can identify each flowers meaning (this is why she hates roses because she knows people think roses mean 'love' when there are SO MANY other flowers to choose from...) and she is also able to tell anyones 'birthday' flower/plant .

•Since she is a witch, she can each raw meat sometimes, but not any human flesh or carnage because that freaks her out too.

•She lives in an apartment right near her shop, her room is on the 3rd floor.

•Penelope is NOT a hybrid, since she was born BEFORE the infection she developed her own personality meaning she's not technically the same as her parents, same goes for her brother too.

•She mostly wears a hat when outside or doing work, she doesnt like taking it off too much because her hair is sometimes a mess.

•Being a witch, she uses her claws to defend herself if being attacked. However sometimes she uses a trash picker pin as a secondary weapon of choice

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Penelope Paine- Witch - Owner of Carnation Corner Empty Re: Penelope Paine- Witch - Owner of Carnation Corner

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