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NAME: Todd


AGE: 19, October 14th


SEXUALITY(if over 16): Totally straight! Yepyep! …REALLY!

EYE COLOR: A really, REALLY dark blue.

HAIR COLOR: A deep orange; so much so that it almost looks brown or red in certain lights.

HEIGHT: 5’7”

APPEARANCE: Todd is often teased for being a ginger even though he like 2/3rds DayWalker. DAYWALKER. There is a difference! His hair is darker than a normal ginger’s bright red, and his skin isn’t sickeningly pale. He spends a lot of time outside (mostly because he’s homeless) so he has a decent amount of color. The only place he has freckles is across his face but he sure does have a lot of them. They are peppered together closely over his nose and spread over his cheeks. He is NEVER seen without his striped beanie because his hair is just crazy and unmanageable when it’s off. (When he was younger, he was told that his unruly hair actually stuck out in a peculiar way on each side that made him look like he had fox ears. You remember Todd from Fox and the Hound, yeah he was teased endlessly for the coincidence.) Out from under his hat, tuffs of his hair stick out a couple inches but it’s not long enough to go past his ears. He usually wears a hoodie over a long sleeved shirt with really baggy pants. Even though he wears a belt, it doesn’t really have a purpose. Most of the time you can see his boxers poking out when his jeans slide halfway down his ass.

Todd - Immune  Todd10
Amazing fanart by the lovely Aliwa <3

Todd is a lanky fellow as well, he never really had any desire to work out or get jacked like other young men. As long as he had a gun he felt safe.

OCCUPATION(optional): Well, he hasn’t had a job for a while now…zombie apocalypse and all. But he was hired as a caddy by a hunter named Victor not too long ago to get money for college. (Even though that is completely retarded since he’s living on the streets as a survivor day in and day out.)

PERSONALITY: Todd at first is like any other arrogant and smartass teenager these days. When he’s first approached, he’ll act aloof and kind of uncaring. He’ll swear a lot and always seem like he’s ignoring you because he is constantly texting with his cell phone. He can get a little cocky and sarcastic towards individuals who are older than him; it’s like he has to prove his point in the fact that he’s a typical lazy teenager and it’s his job to make them facepalm at his generation. However…once he actually starts trusting others, he opens up a bit more of his true personality. He’s embarrassed easily and is really afraid of being judged in a negative way. He doesn’t swear as much, (it’s mostly a tough-guy sort of charade in the beginning) and he’s pretty much…completely innocent. He fails in the department of romance and has never kissed anyone properly. Poor Todd just gets completely awkward and tries to change the subject whenever sexual things are brought up. He holds a deep affection towards those he loves though, like family and friends (he's pretty loyal). He’ll do anything to try and make them smile or just generally try to protect them. He’ll offer to help others and trusts other immune’s very easily.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS: Like mentioned above, he’s a typical asshat teenager that most want to punch at first, but then once he opens up or trusts you then he’s a complete loveable and awkward derp. However if he sees an Infected he will freak out and run in the opposite direction unless he has a weapon with him. (he considers his skateboard a weapon) And if he's ever forced to remain in the presence of one, he'll probably cower behind his skateboard the whole time.

HISTORY/BIO: Todd grew up in the city for his whole life jam packed in a small house with 14 of his other siblings. He’s always had a huge family so he was never really selfish and picked up the hobby of skateboarding when he was very small. Todd was actually born with his identical twin brother, Tadd. Out of his entire family, they were the only ones with red hair so they were always sort of labeled as the oddballs. Todd is the younger of the twins, and Tadd always made sure that was established. Tadd would look out for his younger brother, and would protect him from most of the bullies they grew up with. Todd’s treasured hat was actually given to him by his older brother which is another reason he never takes it off. While Todd was skinny, Tadd was more defined and his hair was cut short and stuck up with a cowlick in front. Even though they are identical twins, their appearances (apart from their faces, eye and hair color) and personalities were different.

He was around 18 when the Green Flu broke out in the city and everything fell apart and went into chaos. In panic, he and Tadd were separated from the rest of their family. Whether they were taken away by CEDA for experimenting( his entire family had fortunately been immune) or attacked by zombies, they didn’t know. They traveled together through the city with two other survivors they had met. Eventually their newfound family had to be broken apart as well. Todd didn’t know what happened to the other two, but Tadd had a plan. He found a safe house and told Todd to wait there until he returned; Tadd was going off to search for their parents and the rest of their family. Todd protested greatly but Tadd is extremely stubborn and almost tied Todd to the wall by the time the younger sibling let him leave. He felt as the older brother that it was his duty to keep Todd away from any harm and bring their family back together. At first Todd was extremely depressed and worried in the safe house, he was afraid to go outside because of the infected. He had fought them for a long and hard month up until that point and he had vivid memories of what they did to people.

Over time, he noticed that the streets had become clearer and quieter. He started wandering around the area curiously with his trusty assault rifle strapped around his back. His first few encounters with the newly behaved infected startled him at first and he couldn’t believe it. Truth be told, he never imagined that Infected could act civil or talk like a regular human being, and at first he thought they WERE human….just horribly disfigured or something. When they actually revealed themselves to be infected he immediately freaked out like they were going to jump on him and tear his flesh off. He had been there when the outbreak first happened, he saw how those monsters ripped apart people in the streets with their teeth and claws! They were NOT civil! The fact that they suddenly became civil disturbed him greatly and he is still very uncomfortable about it. He’s never going to trust an infected fully, no matter how close they might be to him… there is always that lingering sense of alertness that keeps him on his toes. I mean, what’s stopping the infected from just turning back into savage beasts?! Still… he finds more comfort in assuming that everyone he meets who can act normally like a functioning human is an immune. He ALWAYS gives them the benefit of the doubt…unless it’s painfully obvious that they're infected, like a tank or a boomer or something. (It took him about a month to realize his boss was a hunter)

So yeah, after trying to absorb this new lifestyle with co-living among infected, Todd got a job. He was hired by some rich British dude with one eye named Victor to be his caddy. It paid well and the man actually allowed Todd to live with him in his cottage. (so British, I KNOW) Together they had a few misadventures, ultimately resulting in Todd leaving once his older brother suddenly appeared in the city. Without a word to Victor, he left town with Tadd on a lead about their parents. About a few months later, Todd returned to the city and found that Victor wasn't there because he was visiting family back in his homeland. Todd assumed Victor was dead or something and just decided to ransack the place of his belongings(he had left abruptly before and didn't have time to collect his items) and supplies to return back to living in the abandoned safe house.

FAMILY: He has a huge family…but the only important one you need to know is his twin brother, Tadd.

LIKES: Skateboarding, turtles, hotpockets, his cellphone, soda, all that junkfood! Todd LOVES animals and cute lil’ things like babies. He was always good at taking care of smaller children because of all his siblings growing up. Video games! Oh god, it’s been so long since he played his Xbox 360.

DISLIKES: Infected(As much as he feels horrible about this, he can’t help but be skittish around them), bitter tea…it needs lots of sugar in it if you expect him to drink it. He hates black and white movies, but he’ll watch them so he won’t be rude. THE MAN! He hates being teased as well, he always takes it personally.

EXTRA: One time when his parents when on vacation, (The children were left in care of the oldest) they brought back little presents for each of their offspring. For Todd, they had given him a stuffed turtle plushie. Even though he was seven when he received it, he still has trouble sleeping unless it’s with him.

He is an awesome skateboarder! Durrdurr…I’m getting lazy.

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