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NAME: Orlando.


AGE: Thirtythree. (33)

INFECTED: Spitter.


EYE COLOR: An orangish-yellow colour. Very bright.

HAIR COLOR: It would most likely be black IF HE HAD HAIR. But he does not. Actually, he has a soul patch and yes, it is indeed black. (He is completely bald though.)

HEIGHT: Approx. 6 Ft.

APPEARANCE: Orlando is a black man. Just saying this now. I do not think you will see him out of his working outfit much, because he never really takes a day off his job. He wears the average Police outfit, a blue hat with a badge in the centre, a blue shirt, and dark, pale blue pants as well as a pair of black shoes. He also wears a pair of fingerless gloves. You can see some of his police gadgets on his side, such as the gun holders, and a pair of handcuffs. If you ever catch him with his shirt off, you will see he is very thin, but also has some muscle. Since he is a spitter though, there is a large bulge that protrudes from his stomach. It glows a spitter goo green, and is quite grotesque.

OCCUPATION(optional): Police Officer. Officer Orlando! PROBLEM, OFFICER?

PERSONALITY: Orlando is kind of quiet, and doesn't like to make much of a ruckus- UNLESS, of course, there is a serious issue to be dealt with, LIKE A BANK BEING ROBBED, or a shoot-out going on. Then he takes care of MOTHA FUCKIN' BEESWAX. Though, he likes to just chillax, and walk down the streets, observing anything he can see. He's kind of peaceful, but sometimes, being from HAITI, he can be a little awkward with all the Americans and such, not completely understanding their slang terms and such. He doesn't like to swear, and though what seems like it, he is not shy at all. He'll shake anyone's hand, though if it comes to....well, a sexual situation, he can be very tense and awkward, it's just the way he is, don't ask. Lol.

As said, Orlando here is a pretty quiet, awkward guy. If he is asked a question he will more likely respond with a head nod or shake rather than a yes or no. He will be pretty knowledgeable of your exsistance though, because his job is to keep an eye on everyone and make sure things are in check. Unless you are punching people in the face or clawing an innocent person to shreds, then he will be pretty relaxed. If you are doing any of those LAW BREAKING sort of things though, he will be hot on your ass like a FOX IN A WILD GOOSE CHASE. He will bring yo ass DOWN.

HISTORY/BIO: Orlando was a poor boy, not to be stereo typical with the Haiti country, but really. He was. (AHEM) Not far in his life, him and his brother Peabo had to go live with their Grandma. She was strict, but also had a delivering sense of humor, which saved them in a lot of situations during their boyish childhood. Aside from the home life, what Orlando became most infatuated with, most intrigued with, was school. He started going at the age of 9, and it was like his drug, he became addicted. HE LOVED SCHOOL. He would take everything he learned in said place, and kept it in his mind for as long as he could.
Year after year, it soon came the time where Gramma was passing along. Orlando did love his grandma, but he knew it was for the better. With that, their grandma gave Orlando and his brother all the money from the family that she could, and had the two to go to America; where they could continue on with their lives, without the devastation of their home country. In America, Orlando got himself some temporary jobs, and continued on with his passion for school. He worked all through college, and became what he thought was perfect. A police officer.
He knew the world needed to be a peaceful place, and the best part of it all, he gets to be with his brother, who'd been there with him most of his life.
ALTHOUGH, not much longer after he finished college, an infection SWEPT over the place like a plague, and soon enough, Orlando (with a weak immune system and a thin body) was a spitter. He had no idea what the hell the green liquid was that continued to spew out of his mouth, but he learned quickly that it was acidic. When he was trying to talk to one of his fellow colligues, (who happened to be a survivor), he spat the goo accidentally all over him, and he had to watch as the man burned and his skin melted. He is a little sensitive about the goo, but he doesn't bother to wipe it off because he knows it will just come back. He eventually got used to it though, seeing as how there were other like him, and many others who were also infected. So he took his work to a place, where everyone, or, mostly everyone, is just like himself.

FAMILY: Peabo, whom is his brother. (He is not my character btw, he belongs to my friend Albo. Here is a picture! http://albo-beati7.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=48#/d38cwio )

LIKES: The colour orange. Tigers. He loves his job, and school. His uniform.

DISLIKES: When people TOUCH HIM ANYWHERE...and stuff. He is just not very touchy feely. He does not appreciate being ranted to because half of the time he would just be trying to figure out what the hell you are saying to him, assuming whoever is ranting is a caucasian. When people steal his hat. When spitter goo oozes out of his mouth GAD it is so embarrassing. When people commit crimes!

EXTRA: Haitian accent. His goo is kind of different in the fact that, if he is just doing his job, it will be sticky so whoever is trying to run away will find themselves stuck. Though if you manage to piss him off, the goo will bubble with its normal acidity. I might fill in this some more once I get a better handle on him.

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Yo approved, dawg.

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