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Kirk Delacruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts teacher Empty Kirk Delacruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts teacher

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NAME: Kirk Delacruz. (So suave.)


AGE: As of August, he is 26 years old. I'm pretty sure he has an exact birth date somewhere, but I'll worry about that later.


SEXUALITY: OH BOY. Ok, this subject is a tough one haha. It goes somewhat into his background- Kirk was totally a ladies man. Had lots of ladies all up and over him like he was the hottest sauce a fat man could put on his chicken wings. Wasn't that a lovely thought. Saying that though, there wasn't much keeping him from being a little 'Bi-curious'. (Does anyone else think of South Park when they hear that?) It wasn't until he met his pal Scuttle that he really felt these deep, warm, heartfelt feelings which were toyed around with here and there causing intense frustration, but in the end, became a part of who he is. So I'm not too sure exactly what to call it but if bisexual fits the bill, then so be it.

EYE COLOR: When he still had his eyes before he became infected, Kirk's eyes were a dark green-emerald colour with amber flecks surrounding the iris. But he doesn't have them anymore so NOPE. THEY ARE BLACK. THEY ARE DEEP PITS of nothing. Like space, but with no stars.

HAIR COLOR: A Chestnut-brown sort of colour. Dark, but not too dark.

HEIGHT: Ready for this? 6'4".

APPEARANCE: Kirk really just takes on the average hunter look with the dark-blue hoody, but instead of wearing his hood up he keeps a grey beanie on his head for either most, or all of the time. Little tufts of hair stick out from under the hat (Which mind you; his hair is straight when under the hat) though if his hat is taken off for a long period of time, his whole head of hair will start curling. He does not like curly hair too much because he often gets referred to being jewish (no thanks to his LARGE NOSE and jaw lining beard that touches his lower lip (where it ends.) He keeps his facial hair neat and tidy.) He has a very strength enhanced body that is very tone in most areas. There is a solid gold ring on each of his digits which also reflect on parts of his past; they are very dear to him. Might not want to take a punch by one of them fists though...might leave a dent. Kirk wears baggy blue jeans that also have the average hunter duct tape tied around the thighs, and near his ankles where the pants drape over a nice pair of black shoes. His skin colour is surprisingly normal or a hunter (suggesting he really wasn't infected TOO badly,) though is gingerly tanned intead of some pale, pasty white colour (like myself oh man you should see how white I am it's retarded.)

When he wears his attire for school, it's what you'd normally think a stereo typical chef would wear. One of them tall white chef hats, and a long sleeved button up white shirt. He rolls the sleeves up his arm slightly however, to make sure they don't ever get in the way. To make everything even better, he wears a red scarf/bandana thing tied around his neck. Hell yes. Then just a pair of light-grey pants and his normal shoes.

His seasonal outfits- I don't feel like describing these, but I have a picture so it's all good.

OCCUPATION: Culinary Arts teacher, (Cooking teacher/cheffing teacher? HAHA using my imagination here just so it's understandable.)

PERSONALITY: This is a very touchy subject considering the things he's been through. It's changed quite a bit from since when he was a kid, to a teen, to the adult he is currently. I don't think his past personality matters much, so I'll just get right to the good stuff. Kirk is, in all honesty, a pretty nice guy. Sure he's a bit flirtatious, but it's really just a part of him because of his past. When not with Scuttle, he'll generally be pretty calm, cool, and collected, maybe even giving his inputs here and there. For example, if someone gets hurt he will most likely rush over and ask with wide sockets if they are ok, and possibly even help out a little. (SERIOUSLY, that's kind of depending on whom it is though. For the most part, you're safe.) He most definitely has a soft spot for kids because he remembers his time as one- and he would never want another child on the face of the earth to feel as he had felt all those years ago.

He would most likely jump infront of a car if it meant he would be saving a kid. (This also depends. If the kid is some snooty little brat, I doubt he'd go that far haha.) So yes, he cares deeply for children which is part of the reason why he decided to become a teacher for L4MS. Even saying so, there's a different side to Kirk. You never know when this side comes around, (and trust me, it may be often,) but he can also be a pretty big douche bag. If there's someone he doesn't particularily like, or does not respect, you never know the things he might do to make their life a living hell. This whole situation becomes about ten times worse when around his friend Scuttle.

Jesus christ if these two are on a rampage you might want to get the hell out of there. Things may get bloody if you sass these two at the same time. For some odd reason Kirk finds it supremely spectacular whenever he gets Scuttle to look up to him. Since it's not something that everything can do, it makes him feel quite good on the inside, and therefore acts upon these feelings with little regret. A set of sharp teeth, a pair of dangerous claws, and a body builder strength that you would NOT want to get yourself caught in upon. Though unlike Scuttle, he's pretty clean and grooms himself so he look as tip-top as possible for such an ugly species of infected. As well, he can be pretty passionate and loving towards certain infected that get close to him~ /WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE @ BANE

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: Kirk would normally be a pretty laid back guy if it were a subject such as math, history, science, (or any other boring subject,) but since his whole class is to do with his most FAVOURITE past-time activity, he's pretty gosh darn pumped. Now, this can be a good and a bad thing for the students in his class. He'll be absolutely ecstatic is a student does as he asks correctly and doesn't interrupt his teaching- but if you f*ck around in his class and begin to fool around without paying attention, he's not going to be one very happy teacher. One method of showing his anger will be to tear his glasses from his face (which he wears often while doing paper work like grading,) and crush them angrily in the palms of his hands. Seriously, it's just a better idea to follow his intructions, and not dissrupt his class with shenanigans.

He'll do his best to make his class fun and interesting, and will try his hardest to make himself one of those teachers that the students are free to talk to if they need help.
No one.
Not one.

Unless they're annoying the shit out of him.
Then they get left out.
And sent into the hall.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: This question also really depends on Kirk's relationship with the other person. I doubt he'll ever really bother to get to know any of the other teachers or staff, but if they ever call for him or need help with a student he'll always be there to take the work into his own hands. I also don't think he'd be very open to the other teachers and probably taunt them quite a bit as he walks past them in the school- nothing too bad. For example if he got some dirt on one of the other teachers he'd spread the news through the school like wild fire; most likely telling his class just so he could have himself a laugh.

Don't expect much from this guy other than to learn how to make awesome food.

Kirk was a chubby little kid, and was teased and made fun of by all the other children, also for the fact he was quite smart. They called him "nerd, fatty, geek blah blah" THE LIST GOES ON. And the fact that his mother was also rude, and maybe a bit abusive towards him at times him didn't help either. He never knew about his dad because his father had left when he was so young, and his mom acted the way she did because of so. ANYWHO, when he first entered into high school, he sprouted up in height, and thinned out greatly (like a TWIG.). But even with the complete revamp of his outer shell, he still had no friends...and with knowing so, he'd cry.
One time as he was crying, he was found by a much taller, 2 years older stoner kid named Jason who took him in to his own group of friends. The small-ish, secluded group was like family to him, but what he failed to see was that they were a horrid influence- taught him about 'bitches' (as they called females,) and peer pressured him into things such as smoking pot and maybe a bit of drinking. Another one of the boys, Tyler, got the thin Kirk to work out all the time with him which resulted in LARGE, BUFF muscles when he was around the age of 17/18. (NOW YOU KNOW.)
During the time of being with that certain group, Kirk had gone through many things, and learned that being with the people he was with wasn’t the best choice he’d ever made- and eventually bettered himself.
(IT’S TOO LONG OF A STORY, TRUST ME. Plus the dirt-deep details aren't all needed.)
And so, one day as he wandered aimlessly, he spotted the L4MS and stared at it for a while. HE put a claw on his hip, and to his chin, thinking he should get a freaking JOB. A real one, one that he’d need to work for. The only thing he wasn't too jerk-like enough to teach, was French. He had taught french for a bit, but it was a failed attempt cause he hadn’t received his teachers degree, resulting in him taking some classes so he could recieve said degree (which was why he was gone for a while around a half a year ago.) And while taking these courses, he figured instead of sticking with French, he went through cooking courses because they were to much more of his favour, and his taste. Haha, pun.
So then he resumed his work at the school-
But there was another thing that came up in his life.
Previously, Kirk's house had reflected on the bad things he'd done in life when he was younger. He didn't want to have to gaze upon it anymore, so he payed for his house to be revised and changed around. Not only this, but there were a few personal things he had to take care of which caused him to be quite busy. There was no one he could stay with, so he had to bunk beds with an old friend from out of town for a while until his house was completely finished and polished up nicely. Much to his dissapointment, the workers had slacked on their work for too long, and he eventually came back down to help and finish it up himself (along with some other workers here, don't get me wrong. He was just pissed.)
And finally, it was all fixed up and he could live his life as normally as possible.
Come at me bro.

FAMILY: The only currently family that he knows (even if very little,) is his younger brother Derrick. <-- This is him. He had not met with his younger brother (or even KNEW about him) until Derrick had hunt Kirk down and found him a while ago. It was learned by Kirk then, that their father was still alive, and was abusive and not someone that either of them would have ever wanted to be around. Their current brother relation ship is not very secure (because me and the person who created him have not roleplayed the two interacting in FOREVER, and I don't think she's going to put him in this forum. :C )
OH actually, (if this counts,) his Rottweiler doggy named Socca! Scuttle gave her to him as a gift a while back. Hee hee he loves her to pieces. It's not a very good idea to just go ahead and rub your hands all over her unless Kirk gives you the 'go' though, because he is very loving of his dog.

PURPLE. FISH. Cooking with fish, that is. Cause that's what he's good at. BOOMERS. God he loves them guys. Especially Boomers that are WARMS HIS HEART TO SEE THEM CHUBBY PEOPLE...cause after all, he did used to be one. HE ALSO tends to love difficult people. Just because it entertains him, and means he actually has to WORK for something. Easy people turn him off. (Not always meaning sexual). AND HE LOVES FIRST AID. He has a tendency to get in a LOT of near-death situations (or used to, at least) always to be saved by the glorious FIRST AID. He adores shiny things like gold and such. Yes, gold is his idol and he loves to flaunt the gold he has...which is why he wears so much of it! And though he hates candy, it was found out the only flavour of sugary anything he will actually enjoy, is...CHERRY. Random, I know, BUT TRUE. Also, Socca <3

DISLIKES: SUGAR. F*CKIN' HATES CANDY. He also dislikes when people make fun of reminds him of his childhood- (Not like there's anything to be made fun of ;D) and he will never be...topped (NOT LIKE THAT MATTERS but it's true...and a fact (lol old stuff that I wrote makes me laugh)) and DOES. NOT. LIKE BEING CALLED GAY. AT ALL. BY ANYONE. and he'll usually retort with something about him banging more chicks in one week than you'd ever get in your yeah. Very defencive on that subject. You should just leave it out of the question if you don't want your arm torn off with rage or something. He doesn't really like getting in fist fights...because he's much more a lover than a fighter (even if he's such an ass at times) but once you do get in a fight, you'll regret it cause he packs a goddamn punch. Especially with them RINGS.

When he was uninfected (pre-infection status like...human,) Kirk had one gold tooth- but upon his teeth growing into hunter fangs, the gold was broken through and taken off. He also had a golden dollar sign necklace that hung around his neck but he gave that to Scuttle a long time ago.
He can f*cking rip his shirt off if he puts enough effort into flexing his muscles.
He's totally. In a relationship. And will most likely be for evers <3. He has a ton of money because of himself being somewhat of a pimp when he was younger, and still still does (have this money), but doesn't really like to spend it unless it's on home stuff or things he needs to live.
Not afraid to get a little dirty-
This one time that him and Scuttle took down a bear together and then skinned it is a good example of this.
He also loves to DANCE...he's got a bit of a talent for it, and with that comes his natural ability to ice skate. (OH MAN, it's almost that time again!) Don't get him to try and art though, he sucks some terrible shit at that.
Each role he has in AUs are all badass. JUST SAYING.

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Kirk Delacruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts teacher Empty Re: Kirk Delacruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts teacher

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This mother fucker is approved, SON.

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Kirk Delacruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts teacher Empty Re: Kirk Delacruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts teacher

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Dude I would have shit myself if he wasn't.


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Kirk Delacruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts teacher Empty Re: Kirk Delacruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts teacher

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