Scuttle Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Miles - Hunter - Manager of J.J. Scoops

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Scuttle Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Miles - Hunter - Manager of J.J. Scoops Empty Scuttle Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Miles - Hunter - Manager of J.J. Scoops

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NAME: Scuttle Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Miles


22, September 9th



They were a crisp ice blue before he lost them in Hunter Puberty at age 14


HEIGHT: 5'10"

APPEARANCE: Scuttle is always seen with a ratty J.J. Scoops visor just shadowing his eyes. The visor has yellowed with age and has the words 'J.J. Scoops' written on the top in pink letters. His skin is a dead bluish-grey color and has a goatee that he barely cares to manage. On his face he has a scar that goes across the bridge of his nose and scars across and around his eyes from when he scratched them out during hunter puberty. He wears a grey hoodie and always keeps his hood up to hide most of his face. His pants are black and he wraps medical tape around his wrists, biceps, thighs, and ankles like most hunters do. He wears black converse which are pretty old and beat up like all his other clothes. Across his body, there is the occasional scar or two that are from fights or scuffles with other infected. None of them hold any importance. Scuttle rarely bathes or cleans himself. In fact he only does so when he is forced by his parents. He hates/fears water and prefers to mask his natural scent with dirt and garbage. He smells bad, and is always dirty. Truly a disgusting individual. He also lets his claws grow to be sharp, on both his toes and fingers. He is most recognized by the lower canine tooth that juts upward and out of his mouth on the left side.

Physically, Scuttle is in tip top shape despite all of the garbage he eats. He is very muscular, but not so much that it hinders his litheness so he is just considered cut but lean. There are few, if any, that should not feel intimidated when facing off with this terrifying Hunter.

OCCUPATION: Manager at J.J. Scoops

BUSINESS: J.J. Scoops is a homemade ice cream store that sells a wide variety of frozen desserts. They practically have every flavor known to man, including some odd ones like PEEL and roadkill ice cream for infected. They also sell italian ice, milkshakes, ice cream cakes, and icepops. It is owned by Louis the Survivor from Left 4 Dead.

PERSONALITY: Scuttle is anything but nice. He is scary, has a short temper, he's always angry, and hates the world. Seriously, he is just a ragefest 24/7 and the biggest asshole EVER. A masochist and a sadist; he just loves to make everyone else's life as miserable as possible. (Although he prefers to be alone and not deal with the idiots of the world: everyone) Scuttle is also racist against everyone except for possibly other Hunters IF they aren't annoying. He rarely shows respect to anyone else besides his grandfather, Altair and cousin, Alex Mercer. Most of what he believes in about other people and fighting has been taught by Mercer since they grew up together. He HATES it when people tell him what to do or think they're tougher than him. He gets pissy and doesn't hesitate to beat the crap outta anyone who he thinks is a challenge. He must always be the alpha male. He has no shame, and often goes about his sexual fantasies and activities to the public. Scuttle also doesn't mind eating or doing disgusting things that totally skeeves others out. He also has no problem maiming and punching little kids or women so watch out. Scuttle basically takes being a scumbag to a new level. He is also an excellent fighter since he is part assassin and pretty much grew up fighting with others his whole life. Those claws and teeth aren't just for show either. He has a bite that is even worse than his bark.

However on the other side, he can get quite sensitive about other things. He constantly wears a hat or a hood to cover his eyes, or lack there of. Because he was the first Hunter to come into existence, his parents did not know that they needed to protect his eyes from light while he was growing up. By the time Hunter Puberty rolled around, his eyes had been rotted and scratched out of their sockets, leaving scars around his eyes and a horrible experience. He talks like he still has his eyes, and denies that they have been scratched out if others accuse him of it. To Scuttle, eyes symbolize something with much deeper meaning due to all of the garbage he reads. In the romance novels he sometimes likes to indulge in, they talk about how beautiful they always are and how they are the gateway to the soul. So without eyes, Scuttle gets somewhat butthurt and angry towards those who do.

INTERACTION WITH CUSTOMERS: He hates his job, and hates the people he has to serve. He meets them all with annoyance and irritation. He doesn't want to be there, so he's not going to enjoy the time he has to spend trapped at J.J. Scoops. If anyone comes up to the counter with attitude he won't bother to serve them and will have no problem leaping over said counter to beat the shit outta them.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS OUTSIDE THE WORK PLACE: He still hates everyone he talks to or sees. Anyone who isn't family is immediately met with rejection and hostility. BUT he isn't too pissy with them since he doesn't have to serve them ice cream. Catching him in a good mood is rare but not always impossible.

HISTORY/BIO: Scuttle was the first born son of Desmond Miles and Animus 1.0. Because a child between an Assassin and a Super Computer Chair could never produce anything 'normal', Scuttle was actually the first born Infected and Patient Zero to the Green Flu.

Growing up with Alex Mercer as a best friend was what molded Scuttle into the scummy asshole he is today. He was always seen chasing after his cousin through the city causing destruction instead of attending class. He looked up to Alex Mercer since he could ever remember. Together, Mercer showed Scuttle how to kill, fight, and consume people. They would vandalize every piece of public property they could get their hands on. The most important lessons that his cousin passed onto Scuttle are "THE RULES OF ALEX MERCER" 1. Stomp bitches 2. Eat the bitches(literally) and 3. Don't LISTEN to bitches. It was around this time when Scuttle started biting civilians and infecting them with the Green Flu.

Later, Scuttle turned out to be the average college dropout. Barely passing through high school, he somehow convinced his parents to send him away to college. He spent the first semester at a dorm, and it didn't take long before he failed all of his classes since all he did was party and get wasted. He was brought back home and was forced to get a job. His parents are now making him pay for rent since he is THAT difficult to live with and he's a dirty bum who won't get off his lazy ass to do anything.

Back towards the end of high school, his cousin DJ Shadow wanted to start a band. Scuttle already knowing how to play guitar, jumped at the opportunity and took over the project himself without asking DJ Shadow. They met a Boomer named Ajax and they attempted to start a rapping/rock band career. Scuttle putting himself on lead guitar and vocals, pretty much telling all of their fans that he was the one who carried the band and thought of it. Fed up with Scuttle's shit, the band broke up and DJ Shadow started his own album which was MAD SUCCESSFUL. He now lives in California somewhere livin' it up and not giving a shit about Scuttle and his family.

So now he works at a dead end job, being angry and miserable to the world. Since his family before him had trained and succeeded as assassins, it is now Scuttle's turn to carry on the family name. His grandfather Altair has begun teaching him the secrets of the assassins; proper hand-to-hand combat, weapon use, and special skills that only run in the blood such as Eagle Vision. Needless to say, Scuttle is already a horrible student.

FAMILY: His immediate family that lives with him are his little brother Knaw, his dad, Desmond Miles and his mom, Animus 1.0. His Grandpa, Altair and his Altair's adviser, Malik also live in their house too, but they mostly keep to themselves. Riva is Altair's pet eagle and she is usually always seen on Altair's shoulder. She has made a nest on the roof of the house, and is the only living thing that Altair actually seems to care about. The house is big and full of spare bedrooms in case other members of the Hood Family decide to drop by and visit. There is his Uncle Ezio and Ezio's adviser Leonardo Da Vinci. Ezio and Leonardo are actually married and Ezio is the founder of a fashion company and usually comes out with his own line of clothing. His other uncles are Uncle BLU Spy and Uncle RED Spy. They are twin brothers but they are very different. BLU Spy is married to the Administrator (aka Helen or The Announcer) and they have a very dysfunctional child named Alex Mercer (cousin to Scuttle). BLU Spy is verbally abused by his wife and is a raging alcoholic and chain smoker; it is only natural growing up in this sort of environment produced the disturbed and mass murdering virus, Alex Mercer. RED Spy however, is married to BLU Scout's Mom and they both live together happily. They are so in love with each other that they barely pay attention to their slightly retarded son, BLU Scout (cousin to Scuttle). He is always seen with pug eyes and loves baseball. His parents stuck him in Scout School to train to be a scout. But since he is retarded, he can never pass his classes and is practically stuck there and is only able to visit his parents during holidays and the summer. (Not that his parents really noticed or anything) Scuttle also has a cousin named DJ Shadow, son of Alan Wake. However, that part of the family believes they are 'too famous' to still be involved in the ancient ways of the Hood Family so they separated themselves somewhere on Beverly Hills most likely.

On Animus' side of the family, we have her sister GLaDOS, aunt to Scuttle and Knaw. All of the cores created are distant cousins of them as well. Sometimes they visit their Aunt GLaDOS when Animus wants to catch up with her older sister, much to Desmond's dismay. It is no secret of GLaDOS' hatred for humans.

LIKES: Scuttle loves to eat and is never picky when it comes to food. He does however prefer Italian desserts over others; that and cake. Cake is his all time favorite food to sometimes disturbing levels. He also likes hunting, killing, maiming, tracking, and anything else that gives him an excuse to act like a true Hunter. He tolerates his family, but doesn't really show affection towards them. He only shows that to his dogs, which he has three of. He has two puppies named BreadSticks and CheeseCake and practically treats them like they are his children. (Scuttle is very protective of his kin.) He also has a ChowChow named Macaroni, who is there to help watch over the puppies when Scuttle is busy at work. Scuttle also secretly loves reading romance novels, and keeps a stash somewhere hidden in his room. He adores the whole idea of the perfect relationship and cuddling and all that fluffy stuff, but he's too much of a man and an arrogant asshole to admit it to anyone. Plus he thinks all that is for faggots. He enjoys the rewarding hobby of mugging women who happen to be out on the streets at night.

DISLIKES: Scuttle hates everything else that wasn't listed above. One thing that he particularly hates is water. He also fears it since he doesn't know how to swim, but this isn't something he shouts to the world. No one knows that water freaks him out because he usually just says that he doesn't like it because he likes to stay dirty. He hates smartasses, and any other Infected that isn't a Hunter. He really hates hybrids and is extremely racist against everyone. Since Scuttle's mom is Animus 1.0 and part computer, he hates anything technology related that would convey the machines as slaves of the human race. This includes internet (he doesn't even know what it is), computers, and video games.

EXTRA: There are two different kinds of relationships you could have with Scuttle, a 'bro' sort of friendship, or the whole 'boyfriend/girlfriend' one. Each one is acquired through different particular actions from the other party and is very difficult to make happen. So far only one other Hunter became a true bro with Scuttle but he moved away from the city; leaving Scuttle even more bitter and distasteful of relationships.

Scuttle was always a mama's boy, he hates his dad but his mom always coddled him when he was little so she is actually the only person he fully trusts. (Even though she calls him by his baby name 'Scootchi' in front of company sometimes, which embarrasses him)

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