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Post  Zen on Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:44 pm

Roxanne 'April' Dubois - Witch April
NAME: Roxanne ‘April’ Dubois

GENDER: Female

AGE: 14 (Taurus, April 30)



HAIR COLOR: Strawberry Blonde

With her knee-length, wavy, strawberry blonde hair, long eye lashes, and a beauty mark under her right eye, April turns heads. She’s usually clad in dark colored shirts with turtle, boat, and off shoulder necklines with a tartan skirt or boot-cut gray pants, and her knee length combat boots. Her claws are long yet thin, which allows her to wear tight sleeves, easily hold things, and accidentally stab her under forearm. She’s around 5’2” tall.

Raised in poverty, April developed inhuman perseverance. She’s a workaholic who enjoys the rewards hard work give. Although she acts calm, mature, and cold at times, she’s actually a big softie and is too shy to talk about things on a romantic level as she would hunch into a ball of pink in a corner. However that doesn’t mean you could cross her. Crossing April would mean letting hell break lose or a less serious case that involves a very offended Student Council President.

April usually acts calm, collected and dependable around fellow students – being their senior, president, and all. She lets little things slide and only takes action when things get a little too physical – or when her period kicks in. Managing the student body and your own cramping body isn’t easy - Good Lord!

April doesn’t have a perfect attendance record, but she always makes up for it with her grades. She is usually respectful, mild-mannered, and reliable around teachers, even if she doesn’t like them. If there’s one object she really cares about, it’s her permanent record.

April and her twin sister, May were born in Pennsylvania. When April and her twin sister were seven, the bar where their mother worked was raided, separating them from their mother. They were escorted to the next town’s orphanage where they met Al. He was their next door neighbor and they became go-well-decent friends.
When the infection hit, April was a CEDA research subject. Thanks to CEDA’s failure and her contract, she received $500,000 compensation. Not that it matters in an apocalypse.

April lives with her younger twin sister May and childhood friend, Al. Although May looks a lot like April, she is extremely shy to the point of not attending school, unless April promises to be with her at all times. Their mother, Heidi was a bar waitress and singer. The twins never knew their father, as Heidi refused to talk about him. He was apparently a European nobleman who promised marriage but disappeared the night after.

. Strawberry Milk Tea & Carrot Juice
. Money, preferably in fat wads
. Al - not really, but yeah.
. Singing
. Cats
. Books
. Older Guys - what? They're more reasonable :I

. Being exposed (people knowing what she really is)
. Noise – she’d rather read in a corner, undisturbed
. Being over-worked; sure she likes to work hard but sometimes too much is too much
. People walking in while she's singing
. Dogs – especially the infected ones that reek of rotten meat

She is no longer involved in school politics and is under a modeling agency at the same time attending school. Her attendance record is as flawed as ever.

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Roxanne 'April' Dubois - Witch Empty Re: Roxanne 'April' Dubois - Witch

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Accepted, gurl!

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