Important Information (READ THIS FIRST)

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Important Information (READ THIS FIRST)

Post  TenderFoot on Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:16 am

Character Categories

Here you can read and find out what category you need to submit your character into. After you figure out what category your character belongs in, make sure to follow their specific CHARACTER REF GUIDELINE.


Children who attend Left 4 Middle School. They must be between the ages of ten and fourteen to be eligible for this.

-Make sure you keep these children IN CHARACTER.
-No smoking, doing drugs, having sex, etc.
-If you make a student, you must make them ACT THEIR AGE.


Teachers are characters who educate and teach classes to the younger generation at L4MS. They must be at least 20 years old to be able to apply for this category.

-Student Teachers would be submitted to this category as well.
-Make sure you include how your character teaches their classes and how they treat children/students.


Characters in the Staff category are the non-educating adults employed at L4MS. They must be at least 19 years old to be able to apply for this category. Staff includes occupations in the offices, lunch room, maintenance, etc.

-Coaches are the only exception for a Staff member who has an educating position. They will also be submitted to this category.
-Staff may also have businesses outside the school that pertains to their skill/job.


Vendors are Infected or Immune citizens who own or are employed at local businesses within the City. They must be at least 18 years old to be able to apply for this category.

-They do NOT work at the school.
-If they are OWNING a business, make sure to describe what it is on their character sheet.
-If your character is going to be EMPLOYED at a business that is already owned by someone else, make sure to ask the owner for permission first before applying your character to the job.


Everyday people who usually don't have a job at L4MS or in the City. They are usually family members; either younger siblings who are not yet old enough to attend school, or parents and older relatives who have already graduated. Room mates or citizens who have non-entrepreneur related occupations would also be put into this category.

Some Rules to Keep in Mind...

When creating your character, a picture is NOT needed. You may however attach a picture to the ref if you wish.

After you submit your character, you have to wait for approval from one of the admins before starting to RolePlay.

-Other members SHOULD NOT post in your character application until it has been reviewed by an admin
-Once you have made edits you should PM the Admin who asked you to re-vamp your character with a link to the application

Make sure the detail in your character refs are as through as possible. Be sure to keep your characters original and creative as well.

Posts that contain Adult Content should be put into Private Topics. If you would like to request a Private Topic to be set up for you and another member, please contact an Admin.

IMPORTANT: When you are submitting your character, if they are a Vendor, Teacher, or Staff the topic must be titled "Your Character's Full Name-Infected-Occupation" if they are a Student only write "Your Character's Full Name-Infected". Residents' topic should be the same as Students.

If you fail to do this correctly, you will be asked by an Admin or Mod to do it over.

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