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Kai Spencer "DJ Spinstar"-Hunter-DJ at Afterlife Empty Kai Spencer "DJ Spinstar"-Hunter-DJ at Afterlife

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(last dude. Sorry I made so many @____@)


NAME: Kai Spencer


AGE: 23


SEXUALITY: as much as possible! (bi but preference to women)

EYE COLOR: before infection it was hazel

HAIR COLOR: dirty blonde

HEIGHT: 5'10''

APPEARANCE: -lepointstopicture- He has heavy blonde bangs that covers his eyes and a black doggie-eared hoodie (does it look like a rabbit? I've been told...) He normally wears skinny jeans and his skin color is grey. He's practically always seen with a drink.

OCCUPATION: DJ (mainly works at Afterlife but takes other jobs sometimes)

BUSINESS: Afterlife the nightclub. He only goes there around 11 when the party starts.

PERSONALITY: He's actually really immature and stubborn. Kai doesn't listen to orders when he doesn't like them. Luckily, he has a passion for music so he does his job fairly well. He only tolerates getting along with people he works with but has almost no social life and prefers avoiding people if possible. At the club, he hates it when people go up to him. If he sees a fight, he's more than ready to join it.

INTERACTION WITH CUSTOMERS: It's strictly bussiness unless he's attracted to someone who goes up to him for a request. If that's the case, he'll try to strike up a conversation and ask them to go on a date. Besides that, he just wants name of song and money (if it's a different type of song he doesn't usually play.) Then he'd shoo the person out of his area.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS OUTSIDE THE WORK PLACE: He hates it when people call his hoodie cute. Kai tries avoiding people as much as possible but if he bumps into anyone, he can be really obvious that he doesn't want to talk to them. If someone is a close friend, he can be surprisingly nice, loyal, and concerned for their well-being but not too many people are like this for him.

HISTORY/BIO: Kai was the spoiled brat in his family. He was a single child, so all the attention went to him. He grew up rich and spoiled so when the infection started, he started losing everything and resenting everyone. After he was infected, he just became more resentful to the world and doesn't bother hiding it. He has his soft moments, but those are rare.

FAMILY: His father was a bussiness manager and his mother was a lawyer. He hated both careers and wasn't really affected when they died because he was raised by the maid (so he learned some spanish from her.)

LIKES: Kai loves ice cream and most dairy products. He has a major sweet tooth. He loves being left alone or listening to new music and getting new equipment for his job. When he does his job, he hardly pays attention to the people dancing and gets lost in the music. He loves spring and fall because they're moderate weather. Kai also likes animals because they don't talk back. He enjoys cursing as well.

DISLIKES: Trash cans. For some reason, everytime he sees one, he MUST knock it down regardless of consequences. Kai also hates extreme weather like winter and summer and daily chores to do around his apartment. He very much dislikes people and being crowded by them. Like a child, he refuses to eat vegetables but doesn't mind fruit. Also like a child, he hates alcoholic drinks and prefers fruit drinks.

EXTRA: Kai has a deathly fear of any type of birds and can't stan anything that's too soft or fluffy. He destroys pillows if they're too soft even if it isn't his. He also destroys alarm clocks when he doesn't feel like waking up. He's a very destructive person all in all. He's also a sadist and enjoys hurting people the most

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Kai Spencer "DJ Spinstar"-Hunter-DJ at Afterlife Empty Re: Kai Spencer "DJ Spinstar"-Hunter-DJ at Afterlife

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