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Post  Stich on Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:08 am

NAME: Gregory-a.k.a. Greg-Ludwig


AGE: 13


EYE COLOR: Pink/pale red


APPEARANCE: He has smooth, platinum blond hair that reaches the back of his neck and has long bangs. His glasses are very large and thick. He has an upside-down triangle of freckles under both his eyes. His ears have a very slight point to them. His cloths consist of a faded blue t-shirt with a yellow bar going around his stomach, khaki shorts, and white sneakers. Being a with he has pale skin and very long, sharp claws.

HEIGHT: 4’ 6”

PERSONALITY: Regardless of being so young he’s…twisted. This could be blamed on his parents being in scientific and medical fields and introducing him to some basic information on dissection and the like at a young age. This sadistic side is only when he’s alone or unwatched of course. When people are around he’s as mild mannered as the kittens he hates. He will often be seen smiling and acting timid. This is to get people to believe he’s not evil and that he is to shy for prolonged interaction.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: He’s…a bit of a creeper as he enjoys stalking other students to see how they respond to specific situations-toy insects dropping on girls, bottle rockets in the bathroom, frogs in the lockers, etc. He is basically a wolf in sheep’s clothing as he looks like a complete nerd but is a very evil little boy.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: He puts on a façade for adults, and acts as sweet as a kitten when being monitored. In fact, he does his best not to let others in general to see his sick grinning when he’s watching the chaos his experiments create.

HISTORY/BIO: His father is a surgeon and his mother is a chemist, both witches before he was born. This mix created a child interested in explosives and torturing living things for the lulz. His father taught him about anatomy and dissection while his mother taught him simple chemistry. This led to him having unhealthy fixations on trying to cut animals apart. His parents believed he just needed social interaction and so instead of home schooling sent him off to public school. His interests in testing broadened when he discovered how easy it was to torment children in school.

FAMILY: Mother, father, family dog who’s scared shitless of him, gerbil named Malt who is often running around in a hamster ball.

LIKES: Malt, experiments, science, fireworks, robots, gadgets, RCs

DISLIKES: Being found out, wedgies, his glasses breaking, cats

EXTRA: He once tried to play doctor with other kids. His parents threatened to file his claws down if he ever tried again. His glasses fog over when he’s excited. Small animals fear him, cats hate him. He knows the entire periodic table by heart.

HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION(OPTIONAL): He effectively gets worse and worse as time goes on and stopped caring hat people know he enjoys seeing reactions to his “pranks.” He’ll cut you up if he can. As for his anatomy, he grew to 6’ 4” and wears a black and red striped shirt and faded jeans. Everything else is basically the same.

(Need more students <w>))

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Gregory Ludwig-Witch Empty Re: Gregory Ludwig-Witch

Post  StaciaStarburst on Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:13 am


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