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A Hybrid is a combination between two Special Infected. TWO. ONLY TWO. That is why it is called a HYBRID. Not a TRIbrid. Hybrids are allowed to be submitted, but people tend to take advantage of this appropriation.

You may NOT submit a character that is a combination of three different infected. Only two.

You may NOT submit a character that is a hybrid with an Immune. (i.e. Hunter/Immune, Witch/Immune, etc.) It is just stupid and does not make ANY sense what-so-ever.


In the L4MS universe, hybrids are not stronger due to being two Infected fused into one. In actuality they are weaker than the canon full-blooded Infected.

Because they are only half of each infected, they only gets half of their original special ability. So if you are making a hybrid character YOU MUST remember to add about how their capabilities as an Infected are limited. Some examples of this are listed below.

Because they are part Witch, they can't parkour too well since their claws are longer than a normal Infected and they really prevent them from gripping edges and walls firmly. Also they should be jumpy/depressed/or startled more easily. Their claws wouldn't be as long or deadly as a normal Witch's either and would probably be a huge crybaby.

Their eyes would probably have to be hidden like a Hunters as well so they don't burn from the sunlight. They would probably not be able to see or hear as well in the dark as other full-blooded Hunters. Since they are only HALF hunter, their sharpened senses are dulled and will never be as sharp as a full-blooded Hunter.

Any Smoker hybrid is going to have a shorter tongue. Normally while Smoker tongues can span to about 100 feet, a smoker hybrid's may only be as long as about 5 feet. It would also be weaker and not able to constrict or pick up other people and heavy objects. Because of the Smoker lungs, any hybrid would have a hard time running long distances or stop themselves from having coughing fits.

Any hybrid of a Jockey would be shorter than the other Infected they are meshed with. They also could be missing their lips like a Jockey, and be subject to random laughing fits. Since they are only half Jockey, they are too big to latch onto others and control their movements.

Their screams are weakened and don't have the ability to break glass or alert Common Infected. Also remember that the other Infected they are part of will also have their own weakened abilities.

Obviously will not be as strong or big as a regular Tank. Might be subject to random rage fits.

They would have a small pop-belly, slightly disintegrated lips/teeth. Their neck might be a little elongated as well. But since they are only half Spitter, their acid wouldn't be as strong as a regular Spitter. And they might have a drooling problem.

A hybrid of a Boomer would be fat, and can have random spittle/burps where they cough up boomer bile. The Boomer bile will not be as potent as it regularly is and may only attract Common Infected who are within VERY close range.

Common Infected/???:
Basically if they are half Common Infected, they are very weak versions of the other Infected they are part of and are attracted to loud noises/boomer bile.

If you don't follow these rules and include a disability for your Hybrid, you will be asked by an Admin or Mod to add it to their ref. You will not be able to RolePlay with that character until they are approved by the Admin or Mod.

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