Tath Smith / Smoker

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Tath Smith / Smoker

Post  Pluvicorn on Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:46 am

NAME: Tath Smith


AGE: 12



HAIR COLOR: Pale gray

APPEARANCE: Tall and thin, Tath (like most smokers) has the typical long tongue, and growth over his left eye and side of his face and arms. He usually wears large hoodies and jeans with holes in them, his hair an absolute mess.

HEIGHT: 5'3"

PERSONALITY: To sum up Tath in one word, it would be "Brat". He's that kid that gets under your skin and makes you wanna punch him square in the face. He enjoys complaining, bitching, insulting people and all around making you feel angered. If there is a good side to this punk, he has yet to show it.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: He could somewhat be seen as a bully, because he is usually insulting those around him, but he never usually resorts to physical violence. Having just transferred, he doesn't have any friends (not that he had any friends in his other school though...)

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Almost the same as with students. He is disrespectful, insulting and rude. Being sent to detention or being hit in the head are things he is very much use to.

HISTORY/BIO: Tath was born to his mother Tabitha and his father Len in his father's home. He took after his father strictly, being a full smoker, even though his mother was a spitter. What his father ever saw in her, he never understood. As a child he was always a bit rebellious, "no" being his first word. And from then on, he was always defying his parents. He was sent to a few places to try and be taught, but he was always kicked form the school because the teachers just couldn't handle him. His talking back and bad-mouthing were enough to almost get his teacher (a witch at the time) to nearly kill him. Thankfully he was able to hide in a small space she couldn't reach him. After that mess up, his mother finally had enough, and sent him away to live with his older brother, whom he didn't even know he had until the day before. Now, Tath was Favian's problem.

FAMILY: Tabitha Smith (mother)
Len McCorik (father)
Favian Smith (brother)

LIKES: Yelling, running, climbing, making girls cry (secretly has a weakness for cute things)

DISLIKES: Clingy people, being ignored, being alone, silence.

EXTRA: Tath hates Favian. Severely. Though he supposes it's better than with his parents. Favian is such a damn pushover.

HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION(OPTIONAL): Getting to high school (after being held back... twice...) his mood didn't much change. He seemed to sprout up somehow during the break before reaching school, growing even taller than his brother. His looks shifted, and somehow he became highly attractive (by infected standareds at least). So now he is not only a punk and an ass, he is a punk and an ass who gets all the girls. Go figure.

((you needed another student? :>))

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Re: Tath Smith / Smoker

Post  TenderFoot on Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:24 pm


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