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Post  Aliwa on Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:32 am

NAME: Breadsticks Miles


AGE: 1

INFECTED: Immune dog

EYE COLOR: silver

HAIR FUR COLOR: Hot Chocolate Brown, tan and white

HEIGHT: 16in

APPEARANCE: Breadsticks has a base coat of a milky brown color with a blanket of darker brown covering the top of his muzzle, eyes and ears and stretches down his back, covering his tail. His back legs, jaw, chest and tail tip are white. He's at the awkward puppy stage where his paws look too big and he's unsure what to do with himself, so he trips allot. In addition, his left ear is erect while his right ear flops. He has thick fur all over his body and all of it is soft with the exception of his haunches and scruff which is bristly like a spitz.

PERSONALITY: He's a very intelligent and brave puppy. He's prone to running away, but when he comes home, he know's he's in trouble and is a total kiss-ass. Scuttle and Cheesecake are the only things he cares about and he'd bite a bitch if Scuttle felt it was necessary. He loves to chew on sleeves and listening to people talk which is why he loves being read to. Unlike his little "sister", he cant howl to save his life. His howl sounds more like a rusty wheel on a wagon trying to turn than Cheesecake's loud, chesty howl.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS: Breadsticks sees himself as an alfa to other dogs since he doesnt really know any other than Cheesecake. When it comes to humans, he doesnt interact with them unless Scuttle has an opinion on them. If Scuttle doesnt like them, Breadsticks is his guard dog and can be very aggressive. If Scuttle likes them, he sits back and watches warily. No matter what, though, he wont let anyone get too close and comfortable with Scuttle.

HISTORY/BIO: Breadsticks was born in Abril Evans' garage and was almost eaten by Scuttle when he followed a group of kids Abril lead over to look at the new litter. Scuttle adopted the puppy and protected him on several occasions. Not a whole lot to say about his history. He's Scuttle's dog. He goes where Scuttle goes.

FAMILY: Scuttle (master) Cheesecake (litter mate)

LIKES: cotton fabric, books, playing, scuttle, cheesecake, digging, chewing, chasing cats, etc. Dog stuff


EXTRA: Often wears one of Scuttle's visors around his neck.

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Post  TenderFoot on Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:21 pm

Breadsticks! Approved!

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