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Post  TenderFoot on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:45 am

With this being the L4MS Forum, it will be run a little more strictly than the chat. So be sure to read through all the rules and stay in line to avoid complication.

Here are some general rules, also referred to as common sense. Following these will keep you in the safe zone.

General Rules:

1.) Be nice to other members.

2.) Always listen to the Admins and Mods.

3.) Do not post spam.

4.) If you want to draw art of someone's character, make sure you have permission first.

5.) Make sure to read ALL of the rules before submitting a character.

6.) Try to avoid double posting. The same character can't be at two different places at the same time. Posts in The Future or Alternate Universe sections do not count.

7.) No self-inserts unless you are an Admin.

8.) You may only RolePlay as your own characters.

9.) No pedophilia.

10.) No God-Modding, or MarySues.

11.) If you continue to not follow the 100 word minimum for posts, you will be asked by an admin to stop RolePlaying until you are ready to meet the requirements. (This does not include OOC posts. They may be under 100 words)

12.) Under no circumstances is anyone other than the Administrators, DragonRider13025 and StaciaStarburst, may give a user permission of any sort to be active in a roleplay within the forum. If you are NOT approved, you do NOT roleplay.

13.) Please remember that we ARE dealing with zombies here. If you're not careful, and you put your character in a dangerous situation THEY CAN BE KILLED BY OTHER CHARACTERS. Let's be realistic here, people.

If you fail to follow these rules, you will have 3 warnings from the Admins or Mods. If you ignore the warnings and continue breaking the rules, your account will be deleted and you will be banned from the Forum.

Paragraph RolePlay Rules:

These are the rules that apply to Paragraph RolePlaying. This is for those of you who have never ParaRPed or have, and need to know our standards.

-The bare minimum word count for a single post is 100 words.
-There is no maximum limit.
-Please be literate, this is a serious roleplay!
-Keep all OOC conversations in the OOC Forums.
-This is not a Chat Roleplay, so you will not be using any sort of Script.
-If you have trouble with grammar or spelling and your internet browser doesn't correct you, you can always copy and paste from Microsoft Word or Documents.
-Posts should be in Third Person.

What is Acceptable:
Jane Doe entered the room, her petite footsteps created a soft tapping sound. Other students in the room paid her no mind as she walked into the class due to her quiet nature. She resided in a seat in the row second from the door in the third seat. Though she passed a few students and seated herself generally in the middle of the class, still no one noticed her. Gently, her digits traced over a few stray hairs as they tickled the side of her face, pinning them back into submission with a bobby pin or two. She retrieved her books from her back pack and placed them on her desk, sitting with decent posture as she waited for the school’s bell to begin the class.

What is Unacceptable:
Jane Doe: *She walked into the room quietly so nobody noticed. She sat in the middle of the class. No one noticed her. She put her hair up and waited for class to start.*

Jane Doe walked in. She wasn't noticed. She sat in the middle. She played with her hair. She got out her books. She waited for the bell to ring.

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