Emily Corta-Witch-Office Flunky

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Emily Corta-Witch-Office Flunky

Post  Emicus13 on Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:39 am


NAME: Emily Corta

GENDER: Female

AGE: 19


SEXUALITY: Straight (Wants a serious BF, especially since she an infected now)

EYE COLOR: Wide and maroon, they look so innocent that people often believe her when she lies.

HAIR COLOR: Shoulder blade dark dirty blond hair (that has a very slight red tint to it when in the sun) that is usually straight and flipped out but put in a ponytail going over the front of her shoulder.


APPEARANCE: She's moderately attractive. Not too beautiful but not too plain. She has girlish features, but they aren't over done.

Usually wears: She usually wears a plain form fitting white v-neck t-shirt under a boy's small light blue zip up jacket (which usually has the sleeves covering her claws slightly since they make her feel awkward.) and for a bottom she wears skinny (but slightly loose) boot-cut dark blue jeans. But if it is too hot, she'll wear shorts and a thin top. She switches between flats and flip-flops (shes use to wearing flip-flops since she would always wear them back as a Human) and she isn't afraid to wear a skirt.

OCCUPATION: Office flunky. She sits in the office doing odd jobs. She hates it because everyone ALWAYS calls her for every little problem, but it's better than working in town.

PERSONALITY: Emily is the type of character that can make friends with everyone but doesn’t like people. She doesn't consider a person her 'real friend' unless they are always around or at least try to talk to her often. But if you manage to become a real friend of hers then you'll find she's loyal (when it counts).

She is usually an easy going person, but doesn't take shit. However, Emily can become angry when something upsets her or bothers her. And although she may come across as dumb and a complete lay about that only does what she finds interesting, she is actually very clever and is not afraid to sarcastic or give an attitude when she feels the need too.

She is a bit on the apathetic side sometimes and can have a dark sense of humor. She can also be very violent and dark when she gets into it, proving that she isn't all sunshine and butterflies.

INTERACTION WITH CHILDREN/(if coach: TEACHING METHODS): Not a teacher. She is very patient when it comes to children, on the outside....on the inside she curses them to the high heavens for being so damn annoying all the time.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS/OTHER ADULTS: When she first meets a co-worker, she will be quiet and respectful. This usually causes people to think she's scary and psychotic. But once she's been there for a while and people get to know her she will become comfortable to be her awkward , sarcastic, funny, and lazy self.

HISTORY/BIO: She was infected on her way home from her crappy part time job. When she 'disturbed a witch' that was wandering around the parking lot. When she woke up she kinda got freaked out and ran away from home. On the road she met up with another infected and befriended her. After relaxing a bit about the whole 'infected' thing she got a job, crappy apartment and settled down.

FAMILY: She HAD: Jose Corta (Father), Elizabeth Cortez/Corta (Mother), Megan Corta (Sister, 25), Ramsy Sera (Brother-in-law, 25), Ossie Corta (Brother, 21), Ana Meria (Sister-in-law, 20). She HAS: Sio Mias (Adopted little sister: Infected, Hunter, 13) <- Adores her with all her being

LIKES: Sweets, anything that is edible and comes from the ocean, basically all food, tea, Video games, writing, reading, cartoons (All that stuff), laying around, the beach, and sleeping in the sun.

DISLIKES: Horses and cats, doesn't like corn, coffee, Spitters and Boomers, and waking up early.

EXTRA: She was originally from Miami, Florida. She WAS Hispanic so she knows Spanish. Her hair is actually naturally curly, but she makes sure to iron it ever morning (even if she is late to work).

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Re: Emily Corta-Witch-Office Flunky

Post  TenderFoot on Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:52 am


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Re: Emily Corta-Witch-Office Flunky

Post  EveryDayImShufflin on Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:43 pm

Nice job! She seems cool! I like the hispanic part(I'm half mexican irl so of course XD)

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Re: Emily Corta-Witch-Office Flunky

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