Maksim Czar Kozerski-Uncommon Infected (CEDA worker)-Chemistry/science teacher

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Maksim Czar Kozerski-Uncommon Infected (CEDA worker)-Chemistry/science teacher Empty Maksim Czar Kozerski-Uncommon Infected (CEDA worker)-Chemistry/science teacher

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NAME: Maksim Czar Kozerski


AGE: 25, birthday unknown (“so that makes everyday my birthday~!!!” he insists)

INFECTED: Uncommon infected- CEDA worker

SEXUALITY: Bi but he enjoys harmless flirting rather than relationships. He can’t be taken seriously

EYE COLOR: near blood red eyes

HAIR COLOR: black hair

HEIGHT: 6’1”

APPEARANCE: He’s extremely tall and well built and continues to wear his hazmat suit because he likes to feel secure from “them.” Who “them” is is impossible to know, but he refers to them a lot. Under his suit, which he sometimes gets out of only for certain people, he sports a simple black tee and pants. He absolutely adores boots and hats and will sometimes attempt to wear a hat on top of his suit.

OCCUPATION: Science teacher.

PERSONALITY: He’s generally aggressive in a playful way. Maksim puts on an innocent demeanor but he has many violent tendencies and likes making his students suffer. Half the time he doesn’t know what he’s teaching, but he insists on always being right despite what anyone says. There are no mistakes for him. He also has a thick Russian accent but dismisses it and claims that he sounds like “any old American.” Maksim is very touchy, but when he gets affectionate, it’s dangerous since he’s known for his bone-crushing hugs. It’s a mystery how he got into the CEDA but at times, he shows an intelligent streak. Ironically, he hates children. He also tends to hiccup when surprised or excited.

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: As mentioned, he tends to hate his students. He yells at them and calls them out for any little thing they do-even doing nothing. Maksim enjoys giving detentions and if he sees anyone in pain, he can have a childish giggle.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: Maksim tends to hit on anyone (of proper age) that moves. This would include his co-workers but if they return the favor, he calls them weirdos. Maksim gives “helpful” hints to his co-workers but they never take it because it mostly always involves a way to make students cry. Ironically, his class does well so his tactics just might work.

HISTORY/BIO: Maksim was raised in Siberia but was sent to America to live with his aunt when he was 18. His aunt worked in CEDA and eventually helped him get a job as well. She noted how violent he tends to be despite his childish innocence manner. During the first years of infection, he thought he was still human but an encounter with a survivor (and that story is strange) made him realize he was infected. He didn’t really care though. It gave him more of a reason to kill. This began to turn boring, so he settled on “playing” with everyone he interacted instead.

FAMILY: His family is unknown except for his aunt who changed her name to “Kate.” She does not acknowledge his existence and tends to be very anxious when she hears that he’s visiting.

LIKES: He likes cupcakes and rainbows surprisingly. Maksim finds cows, rabbits and pigs adorable and any animal, really. He loves his suit, boots, and hats and looks forward to each day in school (for the wrong reason.) Since his infection, he tends to be more harsh with the immune and survivors but playful with the infected. Scary movies scare him no matter how lame, but he enjoys them. He goes crazy on vodka.

DISLIKES: He dislikes the uninfected and loud sounds. Loud sounds drive him crazy. He also hates clingy people or people who talk too much (he’d smack them if they reached his limit.) His neck is his tickle spot and tends to be his weak point.

EXTRA: Maksim laughs at inappropriate moments and cries at the weirdest things (for some reason, the sight of umbrellas make him react like this.) He can be sweet but that normally means he’s up to something. He also tells his students to call him Vasya which means king

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Maksim Czar Kozerski-Uncommon Infected (CEDA worker)-Chemistry/science teacher Empty Re: Maksim Czar Kozerski-Uncommon Infected (CEDA worker)-Chemistry/science teacher

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And pictures are fine if you would like to add one! C:

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