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Left 4 Middle School seeks to create a challenging environment that encourages high expectations and general survival through crack induced RP-ing and education that allows for different infected types and life styles to come together. Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Each student's self-esteem is destroyed systematically by awkward relationships with students and staff, between other students, between the staff, and occasionally between staff and pillow. We strive to have our zombies, teachers, and community members actively involved on our students' learning.

"Left 4 Middle School was founded by the Principal Bane Ookami aka Dragonrider13025 in hopes to educate the next generation of infected. Left 4 Middle School houses a diverse student body and has an excellent staff dedicated to the education and well being of the students. Created in the dark, dark, unfathomable depths of Dragonrider13025's mind, the school has grown to be quiet substantial, full of prosperous members and a good interactive community."



This community was originally created on DeviantArt as a group for fans of DragonRider13025's "Family of Hoods" comic strips. To know how Left 4 Middle School came about, one must understand the Family of Hoods.

The Family of Hoods is a comic strip series created by Bane Ookami aka DragonRider13025 and her friend Fahim aka kant-draw. It consists of famous video game characters that are known to wear hoods and how they are related to one another. It does however, also contain some Original Characters created by DragonRider13025 who are based off of Hunters from the Left 4 Dead universe.

The Family starts off with Altair from Assassin’s Creed, and then continues his descendants who are other video game characters. They are not just from the Assassin’s Creed fandom, but other video games which contain hooded characters. From Altair there is Ezio, and from Ezio there splits the two families. A family of Spys (from TF2) and the continuing family of the hooded assassins. The Spy family consists of Blu Spy, who is married to Announcer Woman, and their child, Alex Mercer. Blue Spy also has a twin brother, Red Spy, who is married to Blu Scout’s mom, and they have their child, Blu Scout. On the other side of the family there is Desmond, who has married Animus 1.0 due to somehow conceiving two sons with the machine. Because this conception was obviously unholy and unnatural, both of his sons turned out to be the first Infected of the Green Flu strain. Patient Zero of the Green Flu was his first son Scuttle, who spread the virus once he learned how to bite and eat humans under the coaching of his cousin Alex Mercer. Knaw and Scuttle are the two Original Characters created by DragonRider13025, and since they are related to the canon characters above, no other member may make their own Original Character connected to the Family of Hoods without perhaps special permission.

Some more members of the Hood Family who still have some loose ends are DJ Shadow from DJ Hero. It is unsure who he is related to, but he would like to keep it that way. He has left the family in embarrassment due to the fact that he believes he is too ‘famous’ after his big break in DJ HERO to be still associated with the Hoods. There is also Animus’ side of the family, which consists of her older sister GLaDOS and many core cousins.

Due to Altair's continued existence in Bane's Family of Hood comics, he is still alive in present day and well over 800 years old. Malik is also still alive because he is Altair's adviser, and they are connected through the Brotherhood. The same goes for Ezio and Leonardo Da Vinci. That being said, every member of the Hood Family have external life and will not die of old age. This is why in the future, after Altair has taken over the Earth, Scuttle is put in rule of it. Knaw and Skeet are still alive as well because Knaw is part of the Hood Family and Skeet has been made his Adviser. Scuttle has yet to find an Adviser of his own, but he has however been forced to continue the line of assassins and has a son named Spencer.

Bane does not own these characters, they belong to Ubisoft, Activision, and ValvE. DragonRider13025 does however own Scuttle, Knaw and the Family of Hoods concept and idea.

Not long after Bane started creating comics about the Hood Family, she started to create comics about little Knaw and his adventures in a school specially created for Infected from Left 4 Dead to attend. Fans of her comics started creating their own infected characters to also become students at this school. Bane would create comics with some of their characters and her own. Soon the fans wished for an official place for the school to be, so they can all make their own comics and art with the students and teachers they created.

The group was originally a place for fans of the Family of Hoods to make their own Infected children to be friends with Knaw and Skeet. About a month after it was created, the fans wanted to RolePlay as their characters as well. A chatroom was made for the Middle and High School, where Script RPing is its main function. Now a year after its original creation, the group has over 500 members and continues to grow. It was time to expand to a place other then DeviantArt and onto a forum where more serious RolePlayers have the opportunity to Para RP for a more 'official' experience.

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