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Alec Davis Der Selle- Smoker Empty Alec Davis Der Selle- Smoker

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NAME:Alec Davis Der Selle




SEXUALITY(if over 16): Bisexual, preference towards males

EYE COLOR:Silver Grey



APPEARANCE:Alec wears a tattered hoodie with stitch marks covering it from when he was living on the street. He tends to wear electrical tape around his thighs and ankles, like his hunter sister and brother. very tall for his age, as well as well built, not so much that he would be considered menacing, just enough that he can keep up with his family without loosing a lung

OCCUPATION(optional):None, looking around for a job

PERSONALITY:Alec tends to be very calm around others, very polite. whe it comes down to it, its nearly impossible to make him mad. but when you do, watch out.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS:calm, generally tries to make friends with people, espically hunters and immunes

HISTORY/BIO: Alec was a older brother of 3 sisters before the infection his. since his parents were almost never in the picture, he was left to take care of his family. because of this, he was forced to grow up way too fast and never really had a chance to be a kid.

When the infection hit, he was the only one that wasnt immune in his family, and was sent by his parents to become a human test subject to try and keep his immune fammily safe. he was given a botched vial of antidote,and a few hours later, he became a smoker and killed his whole family.

From that day, he was living on the street, avoiding contact with anyone until he met Retter in a back alley one day after starving himself for two weeks. because Retter didnt kill him, and took him under his wing so to say, Alec has changed from a resentfull hate-filled Smoker to a kind and level headed infected.Since that day, Alec has become sort of a protector of his small new family and will do anything to keep them safe.

FAMILY: Retter Der Selle- Caretaker/Smoker
Anima Marie Del Cacciatore- Sister/ Hunter
Fel-ix Del Cacciatore- Brother/ Hunter

LIKES:Reading, Science, Magic(both Show magic and real magick) and sculpting things with anima out of clay for around the house.

DISLIKES: Immumes (Still cant trust them in his opinion), Tanks and being away from his family for longer than a few hours.

EXTRA:Alec actually has a split personality that shows up when he goes into complete rage mode.when he first became infected, He was the one to kill his family and a couple of other people.
when he does show up, he goes by the name Cela, Alec backwards. he rarely shows up now a days, but when he does...
- Alec also has a soft spot for his sister, Anima. if he didnt feel the need to protect her like he does, he would do much more with her. nothing bad or anything along those lines, just more.

((whoo hoo another character i can do, hope thats alright))


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Alec Davis Der Selle- Smoker Empty Re: Alec Davis Der Selle- Smoker

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