Anima marie Del Cacciatore- Hunter

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Anima  marie Del Cacciatore- Hunter Empty Anima marie Del Cacciatore- Hunter

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NAME: Anima Marie Del Cacciatore

GENDER: Female

AGE: 14


EYE COLOR: Blood Red, but is slowly loosing them to hunter puberty

HAIR COLOR: Raven Feather Black with blue and purple streaks

APPEARANCE: Anima wears a baggy black Hoodie with black electrical tape wraped around her arms and black jeans that are torn at the knees with the same electrical tape around her thighs and ankles. Her hood has wolf ears on top of it and shes most know for a wolf-like grey tail that she always wears.

HEIGHT: 4'9"

PERSONALITY: Anima is a shy hunter, but a great student. she loves to learn and make friends, even though she has a hard time talking to other infected. While she does have a hard time making friends, she will fight to the end to keep them and do everything in her power to make them happy.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Again, Anima is shy and timid at first, but one you get to know her, its hard to get her to shut up.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Anima is a teachers pet in that she loves to learn and has a respect for teachers, since her caretaker is the German Teacher at L4MS

HISTORY/BIO: Anima's Real family died during the beginning of the outbreak, and if it wasnt for Retter and Alec taking her in when they did, she would have been infected food. due to a bite from one of said commons, she changed into a hunter, just on the brink of puberty. Because of people still having no idea how to deal with Hunter Children/ Pre-teens/ Teens, she is slowly loosing her blood red eyes to puberty. Her Demeanor because of these changes has shifted from her kind natured self to a hateful rage filled hunter. Granted, she isnt that bad on her good days, and can be really nice and kind. even her her days of rage,she still finds some calm to make little things out of clay and stone to give to her friends.

FAMILY: Fel-ix Del Cacciatore - Adoptive Brother/ Hunter
Alec Der Selle- Adoptive Brother/ Smoker
Retter Der Selle- Caretaker/Father /Smoker

LIKES: Wolves, Smokers, Other hunters, Music, Clay and Art.She also has a big sweet tooth for cake and chocolate and her older "brother" Alec. Apparently,Alec tastes like sugar to Anima. she also loves her other "Brother" and "father"

DISLIKES: Witches, Water, Carrots, Commons, and Jockeys

EXTRA: -Anima was going to go to art school before the infection got her.
- Fel-ix is also registered at L4MS, a grade below Anima


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