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Edna(Eddy) Moore/Huntress/History Empty Edna(Eddy) Moore/Huntress/History

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NAME: Eddy (Edna) Moore

GENDER: Female

AGE: Born June 23rd currently 23 years.

INFECTED: Huntress

SEXUALITY: Straight.

EYE COLOR: Only one eye which is painted a deep brown with greenish-gold flecks.

HAIR COLOR: A mixture of both fiery orange and auburn red. But whatever color you call it she is still a ginger no matter what.


APPEARANCE: Eddy never really liked hiding her face under a hood. She liked being out in the sun too much to hide which cost her, her right eye. Unlike the traditional hunter picture she wears a barf green hoody (in case a boomer decides to spew all over her) instead of blue. It’s left unzipped to reveal a dirt brown T-shirt that is logoed ‘LET LIVE’ in big tan letters. That is unless she is actually hunting. In that case then she zips it up for a more comfortable attack. A pair of dark washed jeans with an enormous hole in the knee of the left leg are like pajamas to her. If she were stuck on an island, jeans are the way to go! Especially if they have rips in them, makes her more flexible. Her shoes are a simple pair of scuffed up red high-top convers. Duct-tape, something all hunters are addicted to, is wrapped around both her biceps and thighs.

Her hair is kept down with slight curl and its cut choppy with tons of layers. It is neither long nor short, just passed her shoulders. The fringe parts to the side/middle framing the sides of her face.
Like all the other infected her skin tone is tinted a milky blue and littered with scars from fighting off the competition. In fact over her socket she has a long visible scar over it because she clawed it out during her early infected stages. And because she never bothered wearing her hood (like a kid not wanting to brush their teeth and ends up with a cavity).

Though when in school teaching the wonders of history she usually wears a bunch simple dresses consisting in blue to navy blue colors. She never goes without her favorite red belt in which she buckles around her torso to complete the nice clean cut look. Along with a pair of long-ass wedges to boost her height. Unfortunately it is quite difficult getting home after a long day of work in shoes like those so she keeps her usual foot-wear in her purse. Parkour and heels just don’t mix well.

OCCUPATION: History teacher.

PERSONALITY: Although friendly, kind, and willing to do anything to help, Eddy is extremely socially awkward. Not that she is shy. She simply has trouble communicating well with others. Being home-schooled her entire life Eddy never learned how to talk to other people or what was the ‘hip’ topic in the world. Usually she’d say random and completely stupid things then regret it after the words had already been said. (I.E. she would walk up to a group of teens chatting and say something along the line of ‘oh that purse is so ugly, looks like a dead cow.’ And it ends up being the greatest piece of fashion on the market and Eddy’s sitting there staring off into space, not really understanding.) Most would consider her very, very blunt. Her input isn’t exactly welcome though she gives her opinion whether it’s liked or not.

But sometimes it gets lonely being socially stupid and the way she keeps her mind busy is running, climbing, and jumping. Not only does it give her super great exercise, it’s also extremely entertaining. A hobby of hers’ is chasing birds off the roof tops, when fast enough she’ll actually catch one and play a fun little prank on her best friend Kam, who is a twelve year old badass common infected. (Probably drop the dead crow in her hair or something along those lines.)

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: Eddy isn’t particularly strict. As long as their work gets done and turned in she is fine with whatever the little screaming midgets do. Of course because she never experienced a real teacher or was in an actual class room before she wasn’t familiar with the traditional rules or behavior that usual educators have. So Eddy just goes by instinct. Usually when one of her students asks for help on projects she assigns them she would take the time to help them, even stay after school. But if it is some pathetic excuse to get her to do their work for them then she automatically gives them an F for trying to cheat their way through school. She absolutely does not tolerate cheaters.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: Having a shortage of friends she always attempts to be as friendly as possible to all of her fellow workers, whether they are teachers or creepy janitors, everyone deserves a smile! Though she connects better with the kids than adults so she kind a keeps her distance. If they are the ones to approach her first then sure she’ll chat buoyantly with them.

HISTORY/BIO: Through preschool to college Eddy had been home schooled by her parents who were professional Activist. They saved the rainforest and traveled the world and what not.
Being an only child with no friends that stuck around long enough she was very lonesome. This also helped developed her strange behavior towards fellow infected. She barely knows what anyone is talking about, like they were speaking in another language. It was like this for her entire elementary years until she became a preteen. Strangely she didn’t become that bratty, always wants to stay up late and do things that were considered ‘bad’ (I.E. drop the F bomb then giggle insanely about it.) Eddy found herself busy with the wonderful knowledge of history books. Seeing the evolution and all the wars and ridiculous outfits they wore in the past is a way she occupies herself and keeps her mind off the fact that she is a loner.

Ever since then she fell in love with the subject. This is what drove her to become a History teacher. When she was about the age of a high school teen she got her first part time job at a museum as a tour guide but it didn’t last long since her parents moved AGAIN.

Then she finally moved out to be on her own around the age of 19. Got a gig working in a café to gain some money to support her run-down apartment. Recently she spotted L4MS and found that there she could teach History there for young minds. And it was a way she could make friends. But a teacher’s salary wasn’t enough to pay the bills and buy food so she stuck at the café, doing the night shift instead. Switching hours caused her to have bad company whenever she would walk home. One in particular was a young common infected girl named Kam. She had a pretty bad reputation around the area and was like a boss to the hoard which is the name of the group she stalks with. Finding out that Kam was uneducated in book smarts but smart when it comes to communicating. That’s when they struck up a deal that if Eddy would teach Kam common knowledge then she would teach Eddy to talk to people.

FAMILY: Both her parent Sarah and Anthony Moore are somewhere in the world. She considers Kam family, like a little sister.

LIKES: History. Reading it and teaching it. HUMUS!!!!111one!!! Conversation…well if she finds conversation and doesn’t screw it up by saying something stupid. Stunts, parkour, both together mostly. She and Kam always run around doing dangerous activities. The color green, hence the green hoody. Favorite food would have to be crackers and apples. Cheesy, awesome, and classical movies and sometimes music. The environment and preserving it.

DISLIKES: Faking BUGS! Like holy crap those little suckers are disgusting. Never did like chocolate, or coffee. After working in the café and seeing what they actually put inside the beverage makes her stomach turn whenever she looks at the drink. Cheaters. >Sad traveling, she had done it so much that she had grown to hate it.

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