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Post  Luu_Nizzy11 on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:41 am

"Come on Nizzy get them swim trucks on, and hurry- moms waiting for us" The older sibling- Luu, who was patiently waiting outside an all males changing room. The younger hunter, Nizzy stepped out in his bright green swim trunks and wearing a sleeve less green hoodie- sheltering his sun sensitive eyes. He wore his green flippy flops that went 'flap flap' against the wet tiled flooring- as he followed his older sister out of the small building where showers and changing rooms were. Walking outside they were both hit with a warm gust of ocean wind, lightly messing with the older sibling’s hood. Luu made sure to keep her hood on more securely, and slipped on some sunglasses over her eyes to shield them from the sun.
Nizzy bounced in excitement at the site of the ocean, so big- so blue “So much freakin fun! Come Luu! Let’s go in now!” He tugged on her hand eagerly. She looked down at him with a smirk “Not until we get some suntan lotion on that pale ass skin of yours”.
With that she pulled the little hunter along, as they walked across the sandy warm beach- spotting their mom laying under an umbrella, sitting in a beach chair with blankets around it. She saw them and snerked “Finally got back here- thought you might’ve gotten lost or something sillehs” Miss Xepher cocked an eyebrow at them and smiled “Well don’t you two look like you’re ready to get all wet and sandy”.
Luu kneels down and rummages through the bag with their stuff in it “Yea yeah, where’s the sun block?” The mom shrugs and adjusts her sunglasses “In the left pocket- I think”. Nizzy poked his moms face “Do I really need- that stuff? It washes off anyway...” She pinched his little snout with her index and thumb, chuckling “Ohoho- unless you want to burn and lose all your skin…..Be my guest you little derp” As she released his nose, he stumbled back covering it with his hand- he snorted “Aah why you gotta do that mah?” he giggled.
Then a hard slap of something cold and wet got lathered all up his arm, yelping in surprise Luu was motioning him up. “AAghh grrrrrrrr, me no like” He growled. Luu giggled continuing until he was good to go. Then after finishing him, she started on herself “Okay you can go do whatever, just don’t get too wet just yet- ...Nizzy!” She shouted at the little hunter who was running for the water, and dived into it, splashing around. The mom laughed “Ahahaa- leave him be Luu, he’s just having some fun...” The mom went back to reading the book that was on her lap.
Luu sighed in defeat, as she rubbed in the sun lotion on her legs- arms and stomach, slightly getting her backside. Bringing her attention back to her lil brother- who was jumping into the small waves that came up to the beach. Luu shook her and smiled, standing up- slipping off her blue sandals, she started to take off her blue jeans that hid her bathing suit underneath. A two piece blue biniki, with white poka dots.
Keeping her blue hoody on, she sat down on the warm sand- letting her legs get wet as the water would come in. “This sure was a good idea to come today, I just hope I don’t burn…” She grimaced.

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Post  Meral-Donei on Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:57 am

Meral popped her head out of the salty water and gasped.
"Agh!" The huntress spat salty water into the ocean and sniffled. One little soaking wasn't going to keep this little huntress from swimming in the water! She continued to paddle throughout the clear water, a bright colored fish darting past her feet. As Meral resurfaced out of the water, a familiar noise reverberated through her ears. The huntress sloshed through the water to get a better view, and was delighted to find two familiar hunters and their mother.
"Hey!" Meral bobbed through the water, waving her arms as she floated closer to the shore. "Hey guys!"

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