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Post  DancingMouse on Tue Mar 27, 2012 5:19 am

Whistling an upbeat tune as she walked down the street, hands in the pockets of her black, rainbow colored patched, Scratch walked down the street to her little dive. She kicked a stray paper cup across the cracked cement with the toe of her white gym shoe, watching as it skipped into the grass, settling down with that special kind of finesse only paper cups possessed.

"Ahh, that breeze," She sighed out loud, eyes closing slowly as she enjoyed the cool breeze gently stirred the air. "I think I'll take the long cut to work today." She cut through an empty lot, making her way around the surrounding buildings instead of just simply passing them, cutting through alleys, and jumping a few fences along the way.

When she finally reached the doors of her place, fishing her hand in the pocket of her khakis for her keys and grinning triumphantly as she withdrew her hand, a large ring of keys gripped in her claws. She set to work flipping through the keys for the right one, mumbling in a mock irritated tone about why she had so many keys, and that she only used two out of the hundred that had to be on the ring.

Her free hand went up under her hood, scratching at her black, dreaded locks. She left her hideous hat in the back of her store. There was no WAY she was going to be caught dead in public wearing a hat crowned with a giant hot dog, and she was the type who thought plaid and polka dots looked good together! That's how much she hated that damn hat.

Brandishing the right key, she stuck it in the keyhole, opening the doors. Flicking on the almost too harsh fluorescent lights, she went over to the window, flipping the sign from "Pool's Closed" to "Come at me bro" signaling she was open for business for the day.

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