Scratch-Hunter/Witch-Owner of A Weener is You Hot Dog Joint

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Scratch-Hunter/Witch-Owner of A Weener is You Hot Dog Joint

Post  DancingMouse on Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:08 am

NAME: Scratch

GENDER: Female

AGE: 20

INFECTED: Hunter/Witch (90% Hunter, 10% Witch)

SEXUALITY: Pansexual

EYE COLOR: She has no eyes, due to scratching them out.


HEIGHT: 5' 6"

APPEARANCE: Mostly like a Hunter but with shortened Witch claws, thin, Black hoodie with different color patches on it, baggy blue jean shorts that go down to her knees, rainbow striped knee high socks, purple High Tops, natty dreads that hang down to her shoulders, scarred eyes/face. When at work, she has a white long sleeved shirt, yellow vest with the store's name on the back of it in red letters, khakis, white gym shoes, and a ridiculous red hat with a hot dog on top of it.

OCCUPATION: Owner of "A Weener is You" Hot Dog Joint.

BUSINESS: "A Weener is You" Hot Dog Joint.

PERSONALITY: Very tomboyish, but has a hidden girly side to her (just don't mention said girly side around her), Over exaggerated emotional responses (being obnoxiously clingy with things she likes, throws objects at things that slightly annoy her, sobbing over spilled milk.)

INTERACTION WITH CUSTOMERS: Tries to be professional, but has the occasional slip-up.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS OUTSIDE THE WORK PLACE: Blunt to the point of coming across as rude, kind of pervy, sarcastic, but has a fun side to her.

HISTORY/BIO: When her Mother and Father got divorced when she was two, she ended up being raised by her idiot dad (aka. Dipshit Dad) who forgot basic things on a daily basis (like to pick her up from school, feed her, tell her where not to go on the internet) so she basically had to learn things on her own. Due to that, she doesn't have a very good grasp on what's socially acceptable or not and hates to be alone for more than a few minutes. She also has poor hygiene, but manages to keep her claws clean at all times. She also has an older brother, who was raised more by their Mother but managed to stay close with Scratch. They now live together in a small apartment.

FAMILY: An older brother, who's never seen but is mentioned.

LIKES: Music, colorful things, candy, fast food, being around people, video games, Internet Memes, Free Running (not very good at it, but still likes to do it.)

DISLIKES: Being alone, getting candy stuck in her teeth, people bringing her girly side to her attention, losing her favorite hoodie, getting startled.

EXTRA: She has a tendency to bring Internet Memes into everyday conversation. She also itches herself a lot due to her poor hygiene, hence her name.

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Re: Scratch-Hunter/Witch-Owner of A Weener is You Hot Dog Joint

Post  TenderFoot on Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:33 pm


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