Red Tank meets Purple Witch

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Red Tank meets Purple Witch Empty Red Tank meets Purple Witch

Post  FrancisELF on Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:53 am

Jabez is walking down the hallways, with his heavy feet, and dragging his humongous arms. For an adult tank, they are able to carry their abnormal body... and it seems the other younger tanks can do so as well. Jabez, on the other hand, can't seem to carry his big arms properly, and would sometimes drag them instead. He doesn't know that his infection was abnormal, and that it was caused by an experiment. He doesn't know, but he doesn't care... for him, it's probably because he is unique.

Jabez looks from side to side, wandering around the school corridors, and looking for Sally, hoping she's alright. He stops, noticing his arm, as it continues to bleed. He might not be able to see it, but he knows it's deep, and he feels that it's a huge wound. Big enough, in fact, to cover his whole arm. Sally is a strong girl. He thought, as he tries to stop the bleeding. Maybe I should have gone to the clinic first, I don't mind the pain.... since it doesn't bother me at all.... but if Bart sees this, he is going to freak! He recalls a time he accidentally bumped into a smoker, and got acid all over his small frame. He didn't thought of it as a big thing, but it made Bart go berserk and got all worried and stuff. He doesn't mind the acid, since it only burns a little... but it got his brother really worried... then again, he can't see the wound, so maybe it was worse than he had imagined it was at that time... or now.

He decided to look for the clinic, using his intense sense of smell. He tries to familiarize the place. He can smell certain types of aromas, from sweat, food, books, and blood...... he touches his wound, "Maybe I should find that clinic fast before I scare other students with this bloody arm... and get the whole floor dirty with blood." He walks normally towards the medicines that he smells nearby.

But as he drags his bloody arm, he hears a faint sound of crying behind the stairs. He then uses his arms and hands like a gorilla and carry his small frame towards the weeping sound of a girl, as he recognizes Sally's scent.

Jabez stands in front of the Witch. It's strange...for Jabez, to imagine the crying Witch, covering her eyes, sitting on the very corner of the staircase. He is no good with talking to girls, even before he turned into a Tank. But he can't leave her....

"It's not your fault you know... it was that Clown." He uses the words that Bart says to him when he goes on a rampage. "You're not at fault."

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