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Junko Warren-Hunter-Watch dealer/Hobo Empty Junko Warren-Hunter-Watch dealer/Hobo

Post  Stich on Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:32 am

NAME: Junko Warren


AGE: 25


SEXUALITY: Bi although he does not have much interest in a relationship due to the hassle it brings.


HAIR COLOR: Black/very dark brown

HEIGHT: 5’ 6”

APPEARANCE: Extremely scruffy. His hair is untrimmed, reaching just bellow his shoulder blades, and badly matted. It is a very dark shade of brown that makes it look black. His bangs hide his eyes which are a light shade of brown that are slightly fogged over. His jaw line is covered in a short matted beard. His nose is very triangular and long with a flat front. His usual expression is some sort of mild frown which hides his sharp teeth. His cloths are baggy and covered in colorful patches. He has a thick grey sweater and jeans that drag on the ground. He has a long, colorfully striped scarf wrapped around his neck and a faded green trench coat. He has no shoes and slouches slightly. The only skin he has exposed are the tips of his toes, part of his face, and occasionally his hands. His skin is tanned although it could just be the layers of dirt he is covered in. Inside his coat is a massive amount of time pieces that he sells. He also has sharp claw like nails.

During the warmer months he has a t-shirt instead of a sweater, and loses the scarf.

OCCUPATION: Hobo/watch dealer-mainly fake Rolexes

BUSINESS: Selling watches that don’t always work/are fakes/etc.

PERSONALITY: He lies a lot and doesn’t seem to care what effects his actions have towards others so long as he is content. He’s incredibly lazy and sleeps a lot when he’s not conning people out of their money or searching through trash for food. He easily becomes exasperated and annoyed.

INTERACTION WITH CUSTOMERS: Very shady like any illegitimate watch dealer. He denies ever selling anything and accepts cash only. He never gives receipts.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS OUTSIDE THE WORK PLACE: To him, everyone’s a potential customer, so he treats them all with the same shady watch dealer persona. Any friends he has he deals with as a mild nuisance that he mildly enjoys being with.

HISTORY/BIO: Junko’s early life was nothing spectacular. Went to public school getting passing grades, had a handful of friends, middle class family. When the infection hit, things changed. His immediate family were killed or fled. Junko was infected early and found his younger cousin Bailey, a.k.a. “Hex.” The two worked together to survive the years the infection was at its worst. Hex would hunt and Junko would keep watch due to the fact he could see better than Hex.
When the infection settled down, the two went separate ways. Hex to continue his sleazy and violent life, Junko to his sleazy but quiet life. He had a habit of collecting shiny things even before the infection, and had stock piled a sum of objects he could sell. He found the most easy to sell object were watches and decided to make those his main product. He currently wanders through the city from dumpster to dumpster for the simple fact that he’s become very accustomed to living outside due to the infection.

FAMILY: Cousin to “Hex” but no other known relatives. (Ref of Hex can be given on demand until I can post links here |D)

LIKES: Food that is still semi-fresh, money, coats and scarves, being warm, boxes

DISLIKES: Rain, being cold, people catching onto the fact that he’s a shady dealer

EXTRA: Much like a raccoon, he eats out of any unlocked trash cans. His hair keeps him from seeing well so he tends to bump into objects. He also has generally poor vision from Hunterism and hasn’t figured out echo location. He CAN Hunter pounce/leap but prefers to run and walk. It’s not that he’s afraid of heights, he just knows most others are on the ground as well. He’s usually extremely filthy and unpleasant to the touch due to being homeless and never washes himself or his cloths. Vermin and birds have been known to make themselves at home in his lions main of hair.

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Junko Warren-Hunter-Watch dealer/Hobo Empty Re: Junko Warren-Hunter-Watch dealer/Hobo

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