Anoushka "Anya" Masalskaya - Witch/Hunter - Student

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Anoushka "Anya" Masalskaya - Witch/Hunter - Student

Post  Xena Daeyang on Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:17 am

NAME: Anoushka "Anya" Masalskaya

GENDER: Female

AGE: 14

INFECTED: Hybrid (Witch/Hunter)

EYE COLOR: Ice Blue (but they are not often seen, because she's a hunter, and therefore, always keeps her eyes covered)


APPEARANCE: Nationality-wise, Anya is Russian, but does not look completely so. She is very short for her age, and skinny with not much curve. She has light gray skin from where it's started to decompose, and when you see her eyes, they have dark purple-ish rings around them, from insomnia and too much crying. She is often seen in black form fitting jeans that are ripped up, a pair of black and turquoise checkered Vans, and turquoise tank-top top with a baggy black jacket covering it. Her hair is layered in a choppy style, and covers her eyes, which are bandaged during the day to keep them hidden. She has scars riddled all over her face, neck, and shoulders, but they are very faint scares.

HEIGHT: 4'7"

PERSONALITY: Anya is very quiet, and very shy. She finds it very hard to interact with other students, because she cannot understand them, due to a slight language barrier. Russian is her main language, making it difficult to understand most people, though she CAN speak English, just not that well. She is easily saddened, sometimes crying and breaking down for no reason, no matter where she is. She is also very cynical, sarcastic, and short-tempered, even towards friends, though she doesn't mean to be, and tries not to be. It's just in her nature. She has a very dark and bloody sense of humor, and is not phased by things of such nature.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: She doesn't get along very well with people in general. Generally, one has to talk to her first, and get to know her before she'll come out of her shell. Towards a student she doesn't know, she'll act very sarcastic if she says anything at all; otherwise, she just remains silent. Towards friends, she tries to be a little less cynical and mean.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: She acts as polite as possible towards teachers, unless the teacher gives her a reason not to be. Then she'll talk back and act just like she would towards anyone else she doesn't know or like.

HISTORY/BIO: Anya is a native Russian. She grew up happily in a small town, with her mother, father, and two little brothers. Her parents sent her to the City for the school for the Infected, in hopes of giving her something to look forward to, and a chance to gain friends, but Anya doesn't see it this way. She has been teased by Immunes all her life, and looks at everyone in resentment, though deep down, she's really just very lonely.

FAMILY: Feodora Masalskaya {Mother}, Illarion Masalsky {Father}, Luka and Maxim Masalsky {baby brothers}

LIKES: Chemistry, Mathematics, Music, Ballet, Sunflowers, playing cruel pranks on survivors, playing videogames, scaring people, blowing things up, rain and gloom, snakes, horror movies, foreign language, shouting random things at people in Russian

DISLIKES: The sound of screeching, spiders, Spitters, stupid people, waiting, driving, people who nag, English class

EXTRA: Be friendly enough, and she will get kind. She just has to get to know you first. Also, she won't flat out insult you for no reason. She just won't smile, and such things. She's a very VERY untrusting individual.

HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION(OPTIONAL): As she gets older, she relaxes and becomes much nicer to everyone, due to the realization that her coldness is what is continually making her lonely. Also, her little brother Maxim joins her in the future. Back in Russia, her family is "executed", and he is the only survivor. She also figures out that she is bisexual in later years, but that's all I have on her high school self.
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Re: Anoushka "Anya" Masalskaya - Witch/Hunter - Student

Post  TenderFoot on Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:11 am


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