Oh the park, te be-a-u-ti-ppul-----park~ (=w=)~ <3

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Oh the park, te be-a-u-ti-ppul-----park~ (=w=)~ <3 Empty Oh the park, te be-a-u-ti-ppul-----park~ (=w=)~ <3

Post  FrancisELF on Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:02 pm

Bart loves the park, especially when he goes there to get a breather. He was thinking of wandering about the residential areas where he has seldom went, or the beach which seems to be interesting at this time of year, or even the well-known JJ Scoops to check it out before bringing his adorable brother for a quick celebration after a long day in school, wondering how he is doing in his art class? He takes a deeeeeeep breath, holds it in, and then releases! Oh how great it is to smell at least a bit of green around this urban place.

The tall witch looks around for food stalls thinking of getting him a hotdog or at least a sandwich. Even a taco would do him good. Actually.... he can have himself a human by now......... but that would be too primal for his taste.

Looking around for something to eat, he stumble upon a particular tree, a fire tree to be exact.... "In a place like this?" He says to himself. Bart effortlessly climbs the tree, towards the top, sits himself on a steady branch, and begins to drift away from reality. He is given a short brief dream about his brother when he was just a toddler, reaching out for him, as he neglects him and leaves. He opens his eyes from the bad dream, but not as startled as if its to surprise him. The witch gets these dreams more often than all the others. His memories.... about his past. The past he always regrets. At times, he thinks of it as a reminder that whatever he does to erase the past, or just move on, live by the moment, reach for the future.... "IT" will not allow him to recover, and will constantly remind him of his bitter past.

He looks at his watch and sees that he has a lot more time before Jabez is finish with school. So he simply gaze at the fire leaves that is all over the place. He watches them and looks at them as if it was the fire he sets off to kill his parents. All that because of a fire tree... he needs to relax more and just forget. So from reminiscing a bad memory, he just stares at the color red, and thinks about his brother....... the only thing that seems to get his thoughts out of something horrible.


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