Nathan "Brandy" Cever/Hunter/Janitor

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Nathan "Brandy" Cever/Hunter/Janitor

Post  Panda-Chan on Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:09 am

NAME: Nathan “Brandy” Cever


AGE: 23



EYE COLOR: Aquamarine

HAIR COLOR: Very dark brown


APPEARANCE: Brandy wears dark sunglasses to protect his extra sensitive eyes from light, along with a light brown fedora hat. And he totes navy blue vans HELL YES. He works a pair of dark washed jean pants and hangs low so the rim of his boxers show. He has a ton of button up shirts in different colors, patterns, and shape; sometimes sporting a caramel honey colored leather jacket. He doesn’t like to go shopping. Dear god he needs a personal shopper . . . . He kind of sucks at shaving, so he just trims his beard so it’s very short and stubbly. His hair . . . ok, sometimes it looks like Justin Bieber, George Clooney, Andrew Potts (Google him!), and Robert Patterson threw up on his head. Basically forming a dark brown almost black shortish shaggy locks that flips in every single direction possible. Pierced in his ears are gages, not too big, nor small.


PERSONALITY: Nathan stays away from most people, he likes his alone time. No, not really. He’s just antisocial. And he can’t seem to start a conversation without it ending awkwardly. Really, he’s a huge wuss. When he does find someone he likes, or at the very least can tolerate him, he tends to be a little, well, I think clingy is the right word for it. Once you get to know him, he’s kind of a cool dude. Kind of an asshole too, but he’s kind, and has a heart of gold. Make sure not to get on his wrong side, he won’t hesitate to fight you. (Yeah, he kind of thinks he’s hot shit when it comes to fighting.)

INTERACTION WITH CHILDREN/ (if coach: TEACHING METHODS): Brandy doesn’t really see the kids a lot, unless the occasion is when a boomer, spitter, or just a sick kid vomits in a classroom. He’s a quiet guy, he just hangs around during school in his office till everyone is gone, and so he can sweep the halls and polish the floors and other such janitorly duties. There is this one student, Evan Gower, who he makes sure to be nice to and look out for, because he is simply crazy about his mom, Olive.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS/OTHER ADULTS: Nathan tends to keep his distance from the other co-workers. He’s afraid he will get shunned for being just a janitor. He makes sure to STAY THE FUCK AWAY from the smokers who work at the school, ESPECIALLY Turkey Jones. However, he always goes out of his way to talk to Olive, sweeping past the entrance of her office just to get a glance of her, or when he gets the courage, start a simple conversation before he gets flustered. (Jeez, what a wimp . . .)

HISTORY/BIO: Nathan was orphaned at birth, left on a doorstep of a British Orphanage. He lived out his days there, constantly being taunted for his background, or lack thereof, at school. This caused him to run away at the age of 14, and never turned back. He took whatever meager work he could, almost starving for the first two years until he could get an actual job. Even when he was 16, he could barely get a job, because no one wanted a dirty orphan making their business look bad. He eventually met an old woman called Annie who ran a successful pool supply business. She took him in and even let him stay in the attic of the store.

Annie died 2 years later of a heart attack, and since she had no family, she included Brandy in her will and he got the business. He did a very good job of making a real hotspot in the business industry and made scale breaking amounts of money. Soon after Nathan turned 20, the epidemic broke out and he was successful in holding it back for about 3 months, till the day he got infected himself.

One day a smoker picked him up and turned him. The gene mutated once inside him and he became a hunter. Brandy now has an irrational fear of smokers, and his skin crawls when he is even in the same room as one. He thought now was the right time to get out of Brittan, and get on to take on the world! Unfortunately, his trip shot short a little when he had his identity stolen, ran out of money, and got stuck in America. He now lives in his trashy apartment on the other end of town, working at his crappy job as the school janitor at L4MS. Brandy really hated being a zombie, and had virtually no friends because of his self-hatred. He actually contemplated suicide, because, hey, what could be crappier than his current life?

It all changed one day when he met the new school nurse, Olive. She was everything he looked for in a partner. Pretty, kind, helpful, funny, cheerful, and looks like she hated the chemistry teacher too. He instantly knew he was in love, and that she was the one he wanted to grow old with. Maybe olive is the only reason he hasn’t killed himself yet, or quit his job. He has constantly tried to impress Olive, but makes a fool of himself instead. But at least he makes her laugh!

FAMILY: None, he’s an orphan.

LIKES: Olive, Nice people, Olive’s hair color, Beef Ramen, Navy Blue, Piercings, Olives dainty hands, Nurses, His job after Olive appeared, economics, the plane that brought him to America (if he didn’t go then how would he have met his soul mate?), if he ever got to go out with olive, and pretty much anything that has to do with olive.

DISLIKES: Turkey Jones, Smokers, obnoxious people, shopping, asshole-ish people, chemistry, cigarettes, cigars, tumors, his apartment, tacos, whoever his mother was (he has abandonment issues), the epidemic, people who tease him, strawberry ice cream.



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Re: Nathan "Brandy" Cever/Hunter/Janitor

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